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How to complain to the operator

Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM) resolves disputes between operators and users of electronic communications services upon completed procedure with the operator and on the basis of a written request for the resolution of the dispute and appertaining documentation.
If you are a subscriber to electronic communications services and you wish to complain on the charged amount and/or on the quality of electronic communications services, it is necessary to follow the defined legal procedure, so that in case of an unfavourable resolution of the operator, you may request in written form a settlement of the dispute before HAKOM.
How to complain, to whom and when?

Submitting a complaint to the operator

Stage I - resolution of complaints with the operator in the first-instance procedure
  • WRITTEN COMPLAINT with the clearly stated reason for the complaint
To whom?
  • TO THE OPERATOR'S CUSTOMER SERVICE – gudinace given by the operator
Deadlines: 30 days from the receipt of the bill
30 days from the provision of the disputed service
What else has to be done:
The undisputed part of the bill or the average amount that was charged in the period of a maximum of three months before the period in question has to be paid by the due date of the bill.
Stage II - Complaint resolution with the operator in the second-instance procedure
In case you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint in the first-instance procedure, follow the guidance of the operator and file a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Commission with the operator.
Stage III – Procedure before the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency
In case of an unfavourable answer from the Consumer Complaints Commission with the operator, you may submit a written request for the resolution of the dispute, within 30 days from the date of the receipt of the Commission’s answer, to the address:
Hrvatska agencija za poštu i elektroničke komunikacije
Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9
10 110 Zagreb
Copy of the disputed bill
Copy of the list with dialed numbers
Copy of the complaint to the operator and the operator’s answer
Copy of the complaint to the operator’s Commission and the Commission’s answer
Other available documentation (contract, request …)
You can contact us by phone from 09.00 to 11.30 a.m. and from 12.30 to 15.00 p.m., Monday through Friday on 01/700 70 07.
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