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ISO 9001:2008 - Upravljanje kvalitetom

Protection from abuse

The operators of public communications services must provide appropriate protection from abuse and fraud in public communications network and inform their users on this protection in writing, prior to the commencement of the provision of public communications services. As a user, you are obligated to act in accordance with these instructions. This will solve the problem of Internet viruses, rogue diallers or spam e-mail.
The operator has the right to suspend usage of the service in case when you or the operator notice that your connection has been abused.
In case when you acted in accordance with the prescribed rules and the operator failed to protect you, you are intitled to file the complaint to the bill.
Also, do not get deceived by calls/messages (SCAM) inviting you to call a certain number to get a prize. Chage for calling these numbers multiple times higher than the standard call price and the only thing you will win is a large amount on the bill.
In case of malicious and nuisance calls, calls when the caller does not answer (silent calls), unwanted calls offering or selling something or unwanted text messages sent to your mobile phone via Bluetooth technology (Bluejacking) inform your operators IMMEDIATELY and act in accordance with their guidance.
In case when you have been switched from one to another operator without your consent or in a fraudulent manner,  contact your operator as well as the new operator with the appropriate complaint. For switching and/or number portability both operators need your consent. Learn more
In case of dispute and upon terminating the complaint procedure with the operator, contact HAKOM.

With the aim to protect users of all telecommunications services, HAKOM regularly publishes a list of high-risk numbers for which there are reasonable doubts that they are connected to "dialers".

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