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Services abroad

Modern life takes us abroad very often. Mobile technology enables us to use our phones even when abroad. As the prices of services (calls, text messages and Internet access) are significantly higher than in the national traffic, before leaving abroad we advise you to inform yourself on prices of these services and to find out about possible lower tariffs when choosing a particular foreign operator and special tariffs of your operator. 
Upon arrival to your destination, follow the instructions of your operator and by manually choosing networks, ensure cheaper services.
The charge for roaming services is not necessarily included in the bill for the month when the service was provided.
When using roaming, be aware that the calls that you receive from your national network are charged in such a way that the caller is charged with the national part of the call and you are charged with the international part of the call.
At the border areas it is important to check the network on your mobile phone and manually choose your provider, in oredr to avoid automatic change of network and roaming, leaving you with a significantly higher bill.

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