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ISO 9001:2008 - Upravljanje kvalitetom

Market regulation

If the market analysis establishes that market competition on certain markets is insufficiently effective, HAKOM shall identify one or more operators with the significant market power and impose regulatory obligations on them.
Regulatory obligations prevent the emergence of possible problems on the markets where competition is not effective, i.e., operators with the significant market power are prevented from using their dominant position in certain markets.
Regulatory obligations that HAKOM may impose are:
  • obligation of transparency
  • obligation of  non-discrimination
  • obligation of accountancy separation
  • obligation of access to, and use of, special network facilities
  • price control and cost accounting obligation
  • regulatory control of retail services
  • functional separation of vertically integrated operators
If HAKOM determines the existence of the efficient competition on a certain market, it will not designate the operator with the significant market power, i.e. the specific market will not be the susceptible to regulation.

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