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EU Projects

EU Projects
 Since 2005, six projects financed by the EU funds have been successfully implemented by the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM), as a successor of the Croatian Telecommunications Agency (CTA). All six projects contributed to the further strengthening of regulatory rules for the electronic communications and postal services market in Croatia (in compliance with the EU acquis) with the view of its further development.


Table of projects:

Project (component) name Programme Project (component) value Duration Activities
Support to HAKOM in the area of accounting separation of postal services
€191,600 November 2011 -  May 2012
  • analysis of  cost accounting model for postal operators, the cost allocation process and cost models as a basis for the calculation of the Universal Postal Obligation;
  • analysis of the obligation to maintain a cost accounting and accounting separation according to the Third Postal Directive;
  • development of the cost accounting model of Croatian Post (Designated Postal Operator), accounting separation and its allocation of incomes and expenses; analytical structure model and the allocation of income to individual services and primary allocation of costs;
  • development of a Manual comprising guidelines, recommendations and best practices as a tool that defines the duties and activities assigned to both HAKOM as the Regulatory Authority and the Croatian Post as the Designated Postal Operator on accountability.
Reinforcement of institutional and administrative capacity for the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency
Component II – Technical Assistance
€700.000 March 2010 - September 2011
  • development of HAKOM’s operational capacities and ensure the capacity of supervision over the implementation of the acquis communautaire;
  • provide support to HAKOM in the process of human resources development with specific technical knowledge and experience ("know-how"), with focus on support in the implementation of market analysis and regulatory accounting.
 Component I – supply “Upgrade of Frequency Monitoring Radiolocation System – Supply of equipment – Negotiated Procedure“
€3.4 milion September 2009 - June 2010
  • supply, delivery and after-sales service of Frequency Monitoring Radiolocation equipment and software;
  •  procurement of the spectrum monitoring equipment and software for the upgrade of the existing systems in order to cope with digital technology which is another important step in the reinforcement of HAKOM;
  • the purpose of the project is to protect wireless service providers and their customers and other stakeholders from intended or unintended radio frequency interferences as well as to facilitate other spectrum management tasks.
Mid-term forecasting of electronic communications market development in Croatia Phare
163.000,00 € January - September 2009
  • Support to further strengthening of the national regulatory authority in the field of electronic communications by electronic communications market analysis and strategic assessment of the role of regulatory rules
Support in Development of Strategy for Implementation of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Services in Croatia Phare
€145,000 January – June 2008
  • preparation of a strategic document to provide efficient introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting services in Croatia;
  • proposal of an action plan to facilitate the switch-over by 2012, or earlier in accordance with the best EU practice.
Capacity Building for the Croatian Telecommunications Agency CARDS 2004 €1,000,000 November 2005 - March 2008
  • development of the appropriate administrative and organizational CTA structure;
  • Human Resources Department development through seminars, workshops, consultancy and preparation of strategies and programmes with accompanying manuals;
  • preparation of secondary legislation through a series of workshops and analysis of the existing legal framework;
  • needs analysis, procurement of IT equipment and upgrading of the existing IT system, training of staff.
Support to the Croatian Postal Services Council (PSC) CARDS 2004 €250,000  April 2007 –
January 2008
  • address the introduction, maintenance and promotion of sustainable competition in the postal and courier services market
  • ensure effective implementation of regulations and strengthening the institutional capacity of the postal regulator so as to make it functioning as an independent national regulatory authority for the postal and courier services market, in accordance with the rules and practices of the European Union.


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