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What is international roaming?
International roaming is a service offered by mobile operators enabling you to use your mobile phone when abroad. All mobile operators in Croatia, depending on your tariff package, provide international roaming.
You are able to make and receive calls, send and receive sms messages and also use other services such as voice mail or to top up your prepaid accounts by using networks of other foreign service providers as if you were at home. The provision of services is based on international agreements between the operators and services and related costs will vary depending on the agreement signed.

1. What will be the prices of roaming services after 1 July 2013?

For calls that originate and terminate within EU/EEA countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak, Spain, Sweden, the UK) operators will be able to apply the following maximum prices (Eurotariffs) (VAT included):  

Outgoing calls: 2.28 HRK/min                     charging unit: 1s with the possibility to apply initial minimum charging period not exceeding 30s
Incoming calls: 0.66 HRK/min                     charging unit: 1s
SMS message: 0.76 HRK/message
Data : 4.26 HRK/MB                                    charging unit: 1kB

Important notice: above mentioned regulated prices relate only to calls which originate and terminate within EU/EEA countries i.e. to those calls which take place between users that are present within EU/EEA countries. If the user is outside EU/EEA country or is present within EU/EEA country and originates or terminates call to/from country that is outside EU/EEA area, operators will charge prices which are higher and are not regulated.

2. How can I activate Eurotariff?

Eurotariff is automatically activated as of 1 July 2013 for all users so that the user does not need to take any action except in case the user has deliberately chosen some other specific roaming tariff. Only in case that a user whom Eurotariff has been automatically activated wants to activate another roaming tariff different from Eurotariff, the user must activate that different tariff at his/her mobile operator.

3. How will I know how much I will pay for roaming services while I am, for example, in Slovenia? 

Upon entering a foreign country, you will receive an SMS from your operator which contains information on prices for calls, SMS and data which are applied in that country.

4. What should I do in case I have additional questions while I am in roaming?

Your operator will inform you by SMS about a free telephone number you can call and get more detailed information. The same more detailed information you can get by free SMS on which you will be informed by your operator, too.

We would like to stress herewith that the free number may be different from the number of Customer Service of your operator.

5. How can I control my expenditures in roaming?

The obligatory financial limit for data roaming is ca. HRK 474.00, except in cases you ask your mobile operator for some other financial limit, if your mobile operator offers one. The operator will inform you by SMS, e-mail or pop-up window once you reach 80% of the contracted limit. At the moment you consume your whole limit you will receive notification that you cannot use any more data services, together with  instructions on what exactly you have to do in order to continue to use data services after reaching the limit.

6. Does a financial limit (for example € 50) relate to the sum of regulated (within EU/EEA area) and unregulated data services (outside EU/EEA area)?

Yes, the financial limit relates to the sum of regulated (within EU/EEA area) and unregulated data services (outside EU/EEA area).

7. Can I ask my mobile operator to switch off my data roaming traffic while I am abroad?

Yes, you can ask for a free switching off of your data roaming traffic. 

8. What should I do if I am in a border area where automatic inadvertent roaming is very often?

If you are in a border area, we recommend you to choose the ”Manual network selection“ option on your mobile phone and set it to the network of your domestic mobile operator. 

9. What about calls towards Premium Rate Services (06x, short codes etc.)?

Whether you will be able to call PRS numbers when abroad depends only on the business practice of your mobile operator, which can, but is not obliged to, offer you that possibility. In case access to PRS numbers is possible for you when abroad it is important to mention that such PRS calls are not regulated calls. I.e. regulated price cups do not apply to PRS calls.


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