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25.7.2018  -  HAKOM's 2019 Annual Work Programme and Financial Plan at Public
24.7.2018  -  Act on the Cyber Security of the Key Service Operators and Digital Services Providers adopted
9.7.2018  -  HAKOM starts with new measuring activities regarding interferences coming from Italy
9.7.2018  -  Public Discussion on Draft ERGP Work Programme
6.7.2018  -  PUBLIC TENDER for appointing the Acting Executive Director of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries
6.7.2018  -  Call for Applications for the "European Broadband Awards 2018"
4.7.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies
29.6.2018  -  HAKOM has drafted Report on the Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 on Net Neutrality
21.6.2018  -  Preparing the 5G landscape: BEREC holds a debriefing on important documents for the European Electronic Communications Market
21.6.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts in “Sveti Juraj na Bregu” a workshop on "Protection of Electronic Communications Users"
20.6.2018  -  HAKOM organized workshop on the successful broadband infrastructure deployment co-financed by the EU funds
19.6.2018  -  New Acting Executive Director - Miran Gosta
19.6.2018  -  HAKOM: The Railway Services Market keep recording a significant Growth
18.6.2018  -  The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission cancelled first Call for applications on WiFi4EU Initiative
18.6.2018  -  "National Taxonomy for Computer-Security Incidents" developed
15.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the this Year’s second BEREC Plenary Session
13.6.2018  -  Positive Trends in Revenue Growth in the Postal services market
12.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the Bilateral Meeting with the Macedonian Railway Services Market Regulator
11.6.2018  -  The Usage of Mobile Services of the Croatian Users Abroad has significantly increased
7.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the 11th Meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion"
30.5.2018  -  HAKOM at the RailNetEurope (RNE) Conference and IRG-Rail Working Group Meeting
28.5.2018  -  HAKOM announces receiving the request „Brave Phone" for the allocation of number 116111
25.5.2018  -  HAKOM organized workshops on the successful implementation of the project for the construction of access to broadband infrastructure financed from the EU Funds
25.5.2018  -  Round Table on "Introduction of 5G Networks in Croatia"
21.5.2018  -  HAKOM participated in the Plenary Meeting of IRG-Rail
16.5.2018  -  Within the Scope of MIPRO, HAKOM organizes round table on "Introduction of 5G networks in Croatia"
15.5.2018  -  A Tender was launched for the issuing of vouchers through the WiFi4EU program
11.5.2018  -  HAKOM organizes one-day Workshop on successful Implementation of project completion on Broadband Infrastructure co-financed by the EU Funds
3.5.2018  -  The Croatian Parliament appointed a new Council of HAKOM
26.4.2018  -  HAKOM’s Experts at the Workshop in Montenegro
26.4.2018  -  HAKOM at the EaPeReg Plenary Meeting
25.4.2018  -  HAKOM at the Professional Workshop of the BCO Network
25.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts in Nedelišće held a workshop on "Protection of Electronic Communications Users"
24.4.2018  -  HAKOM Experts at the International Conference on Fibre Technologies FiberWeek 2018
20.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts Held a Lecture within the 2nd Cycle of Educational Programme Aimed at for Consumer Protection Associations
20.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts held a Workshop on Internet Security and Cyberbullying Prevention for High School Students in Split
18.4.2018  -  The International Day of Radio amateurs
29.3.2018  -  A Public Call to the Stakeholders of the Electronic Communications Market regarding the Public Consultation on BEREC 2019 Annual Work Programme
29.3.2018  -  Invitation to the Consumer Protection Associations to the Second Session of Professional Training
21.3.2018  -  News: WIFI4EU - Registration Portal Open to the Public
16.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the BEREC Working Group responsible for the Development of Communication Strategies
15.3.2018  -  HAKOM actively participated in the central Celebration of Consumer Protection Week in Zagreb
15.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the meeting of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services ERGP
14.3.2018  -  HAKOM participated in informing the citizens about their consumer rights on Wednesday in Dubrovnik
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM at this Year's first BEREC Plenary Session
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Railway Regulatory Network in Brussel
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM participates in informing Citizens on their Consumer Rights in Vinkovci on Saturday
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM participates in informing Citizens about their Rights as Consumers on Thursday in Čakovec
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM: New freight Carriers have an increasing Share in the Cargo Transport Market
7.3.2018  -  A Call to the Press Conference
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM: New freight Carriers have an increasing Share in the Cargo Transport Market
6.3.2018  -  HAKOM: More Investments in the Electronic Communications Market in reference to the previous year
6.3.2018  -  HAKOM celebrates World and European Money Week at the Ministry of Science and Education
2.3.2018  -  HAKOM: Positive Trends in Revenue Growth in the Postal services market
28.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee in Lisbon
27.2.2018  -  The Users of Apple Devices warned HAKOM about Apple’s unfair practice that is causing extra costs
23.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the National Authorities for the Implementation of the Regulation on Rail Passengers’ Rights and Obligations
23.2.2018  -  Dangerous fraudulent Attempts on the Croatian market: Android Mobile Phone Users with the Operating System are endangered when trying to install Free Applications with a hidden malicious Code
22.2.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts on the Round Table "Media literacy from the View of the new Curriculum: Opportunities and Threats"
22.2.2018  -  A five-year mandate of Current HAKOM’s Council expired
21.2.2018  -  HAKOM’s Council held the last Session in its Mandate
20.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Preparatory Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group in Sarajevo
8.2.2018  -  HAKOM at this Year’s first Meeting of the BEREC Contact Group
7.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the Communication Committee (COCOM)
2.2.2018  -  The Commission for the Protection of User Rights in HAKOM in 2017 resolved 1558 disputes
29.1.2018  -  HAKOM sent a Brochure on the Protection of Children and teenagers on the Internet to all elementary schools
26.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the BMK EWG European Working Groups in Brussels
26.1.2018  -  Warning from HAKOM: A New Attempted Abuse coming from different International Numbers has been reported
26.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies ENRRB
23.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the WGSE European Working Group
23.1.2018  -  The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union approved the Initiative entitled "WiFi4EU"
22.1.2018  -  According to the Survey by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the Republic of Croatia has made Significant Progress in regulating the ICT
17.1.2018  -  Traditional 5th HAKOM's „Market Day"
17.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the EU Telecommunication and Information Society Working Group in Brussels
16.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Net Neutrality Working Group Meeting in Brussels
15.1.2018  -  Students from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb payed a visit to HAKOM
5.1.2018  -  HAKOM: Cancellation of Individual Programmes in VIPnet and B.net Users Packages
3.1.2018  -  HAKOM: Telephone Calls forbidden to the Merchants for Product Sales and Service by 29 000 End Users