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4.12.2018  -  A New Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications adopted
30.11.2018  -  HAKOM at the 15th Plenary Meeting of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP)
29.11.2018  -  HAKOM and FER held a second Conference on the Topic "People with Disabilities in the Digital Society"
27.11.2018  -  HAKOM and FER are the Organizers of the 2nd Meeting entitled „People with Disabilities in the Digital Society"
29.10.2018  -  HAKOM at the Professional Conference on the Child Internet Safety
25.10.2018  -  The Fourth Croatian Internet Governance Forum
25.10.2018  -  WiFi4EU Network Portal Open Again
17.10.2018  -  The Fourth Croatian Internet Governance Forum (CRO-IGF)
27.9.2018  -  The Meeting of IRG-Rail Access Working Group and the Second IRG-Rail Forum
14.9.2018  -  PUBLIC INVITATION – the amending procedure regarding the Reference Offer of Hrvatski Telekom d.d. on the manner and conditions of access and joint usage of the electronic communication infrastructure and associated equipment (ducting) of Hrvatski Telekom d.d.
13.9.2018  -  HAKOM responsible for FM Transmitter and WAS / RLAN Systems in 5470 - 5725 MHz Frequency Band
10.9.2018  -  HAKOM: Rail Freight Transport continues to grow
7.9.2018  -  HAKOM: Increasing Demand for Parcel Services
6.9.2018  -  The Broadband Internet Access Services Responsible for the Growth of Electronic Communications Market
31.8.2018  -  A Bilateral Meeting between HAKOM and Polish Regulator UKE
30.8.2018  -  The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) has appointed Miran Gosta as its Executive Director for the next four Years
25.7.2018  -  HAKOM's 2019 Annual Work Programme and Financial Plan at Public discussion
24.7.2018  -  Act on the Cyber Security of the Key Service Operators and Digital Services Providers adopted
9.7.2018  -  HAKOM starts with new measuring activities regarding interferences coming from Italy
9.7.2018  -  Public Discussion on Draft ERGP Work Programme
6.7.2018  -  PUBLIC TENDER for appointing the Acting Executive Director of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries
6.7.2018  -  Call for Applications for the "European Broadband Awards 2018"
4.7.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies
29.6.2018  -  HAKOM has drafted Report on the Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 on Net Neutrality
21.6.2018  -  Preparing the 5G landscape: BEREC holds a debriefing on important documents for the European Electronic Communications Market
21.6.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts in “Sveti Juraj na Bregu” a workshop on "Protection of Electronic Communications Users"
20.6.2018  -  HAKOM organized workshop on the successful broadband infrastructure deployment co-financed by the EU funds
19.6.2018  -  New Acting Executive Director - Miran Gosta
19.6.2018  -  HAKOM: The Railway Services Market keep recording a significant Growth
18.6.2018  -  The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission cancelled first Call for applications on WiFi4EU Initiative
18.6.2018  -  "National Taxonomy for Computer-Security Incidents" developed
15.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the this Year’s second BEREC Plenary Session
13.6.2018  -  Positive Trends in Revenue Growth in the Postal services market
12.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the Bilateral Meeting with the Macedonian Railway Services Market Regulator
11.6.2018  -  The Usage of Mobile Services of the Croatian Users Abroad has significantly increased
7.6.2018  -  HAKOM at the 11th Meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion"
30.5.2018  -  HAKOM at the RailNetEurope (RNE) Conference and IRG-Rail Working Group Meeting
28.5.2018  -  HAKOM announces receiving the request „Brave Phone" for the allocation of number 116111
25.5.2018  -  HAKOM organized workshops on the successful implementation of the project for the construction of access to broadband infrastructure financed from the EU Funds
25.5.2018  -  Round Table on "Introduction of 5G Networks in Croatia"
21.5.2018  -  HAKOM participated in the Plenary Meeting of IRG-Rail
16.5.2018  -  Within the Scope of MIPRO, HAKOM organizes round table on "Introduction of 5G networks in Croatia"
15.5.2018  -  A Tender was launched for the issuing of vouchers through the WiFi4EU program
11.5.2018  -  HAKOM organizes one-day Workshop on successful Implementation of project completion on Broadband Infrastructure co-financed by the EU Funds
3.5.2018  -  The Croatian Parliament appointed a new Council of HAKOM
26.4.2018  -  HAKOM’s Experts at the Workshop in Montenegro
26.4.2018  -  HAKOM at the EaPeReg Plenary Meeting
25.4.2018  -  HAKOM at the Professional Workshop of the BCO Network
25.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts in Nedelišće held a workshop on "Protection of Electronic Communications Users"
24.4.2018  -  HAKOM Experts at the International Conference on Fibre Technologies FiberWeek 2018
20.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts Held a Lecture within the 2nd Cycle of Educational Programme Aimed at for Consumer Protection Associations
20.4.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts held a Workshop on Internet Security and Cyberbullying Prevention for High School Students in Split
18.4.2018  -  The International Day of Radio amateurs
29.3.2018  -  A Public Call to the Stakeholders of the Electronic Communications Market regarding the Public Consultation on BEREC 2019 Annual Work Programme
29.3.2018  -  Invitation to the Consumer Protection Associations to the Second Session of Professional Training
21.3.2018  -  News: WIFI4EU - Registration Portal Open to the Public
16.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the BEREC Working Group responsible for the Development of Communication Strategies
15.3.2018  -  HAKOM actively participated in the central Celebration of Consumer Protection Week in Zagreb
15.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the meeting of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services ERGP
14.3.2018  -  HAKOM participated in informing the citizens about their consumer rights on Wednesday in Dubrovnik
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM at this Year's first BEREC Plenary Session
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Railway Regulatory Network in Brussel
9.3.2018  -  HAKOM participates in informing Citizens on their Consumer Rights in Vinkovci on Saturday
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM participates in informing Citizens about their Rights as Consumers on Thursday in Čakovec
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM: New freight Carriers have an increasing Share in the Cargo Transport Market
7.3.2018  -  A Call to the Press Conference
7.3.2018  -  HAKOM: New freight Carriers have an increasing Share in the Cargo Transport Market
6.3.2018  -  HAKOM: More Investments in the Electronic Communications Market in reference to the previous year
6.3.2018  -  HAKOM celebrates World and European Money Week at the Ministry of Science and Education
2.3.2018  -  HAKOM: Positive Trends in Revenue Growth in the Postal services market
28.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee in Lisbon
27.2.2018  -  The Users of Apple Devices warned HAKOM about Apple’s unfair practice that is causing extra costs
23.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the National Authorities for the Implementation of the Regulation on Rail Passengers’ Rights and Obligations
23.2.2018  -  Dangerous fraudulent Attempts on the Croatian market: Android Mobile Phone Users with the Operating System are endangered when trying to install Free Applications with a hidden malicious Code
22.2.2018  -  HAKOM's Experts on the Round Table "Media literacy from the View of the new Curriculum: Opportunities and Threats"
22.2.2018  -  A five-year mandate of Current HAKOM’s Council expired
21.2.2018  -  HAKOM’s Council held the last Session in its Mandate
20.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Preparatory Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group in Sarajevo
8.2.2018  -  HAKOM at this Year’s first Meeting of the BEREC Contact Group
7.2.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the Communication Committee (COCOM)
2.2.2018  -  The Commission for the Protection of User Rights in HAKOM in 2017 resolved 1558 disputes
29.1.2018  -  HAKOM sent a Brochure on the Protection of Children and teenagers on the Internet to all elementary schools
26.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the BMK EWG European Working Groups in Brussels
26.1.2018  -  Warning from HAKOM: A New Attempted Abuse coming from different International Numbers has been reported
26.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies ENRRB
23.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the WGSE European Working Group
23.1.2018  -  The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union approved the Initiative entitled "WiFi4EU"
22.1.2018  -  According to the Survey by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the Republic of Croatia has made Significant Progress in regulating the ICT
17.1.2018  -  Traditional 5th HAKOM's „Market Day"
17.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Meeting of the EU Telecommunication and Information Society Working Group in Brussels
16.1.2018  -  HAKOM at the Net Neutrality Working Group Meeting in Brussels
15.1.2018  -  Students from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb payed a visit to HAKOM
5.1.2018  -  HAKOM: Cancellation of Individual Programmes in VIPnet and B.net Users Packages
3.1.2018  -  HAKOM: Telephone Calls forbidden to the Merchants for Product Sales and Service by 29 000 End Users