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30.12.2019  -  HAKOM: New Rights and Obligations of the Operator are effective as of January 1, 2020.
23.12.2019  -  A Continued growth in Rail Freight Transport and Decline in Rail Passenger Transport
12.12.2019  -  The Number of Connections of Optical Fibre technology increased by 30 %
6.12.2019  -  HAKOM at the closing of this Year's BEREC Plenary Meeting
4.12.2019  -  International Project of Slovenia and Croatia awarded „The European Broadband Awards 2019“
3.12.2019  -  HAKOM hosted EMERG Workshop
27.11.2019  -  The World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC19) closing
27.11.2019  -  HAKOM at the annual Plenary Meeting of IRG-Rail
25.11.2019  -  Conference on the Electronics Communication Technologies COM 2019
15.11.2019  -  HAKOM at the fourth Meeting of BEREC Contact Group
12.11.2019  -  HAKOM at the Bilateral Meeting with the Macedonian Railway Services Market Regulator
12.11.2019  -  HD Programme Broadcasting in DVB-T2 HEVC has started all over the Republic of Croatia
7.11.2019  -  The 12th Electronic Media Days: HAKOM participated in the panel „New technologies and Media“
6.11.2019  -  HAKOM's Video on Protecting Children Online
5.11.2019  -  The World Radiocommunication Conference WRC 19
14.10.2019  -  Coordination meeting in Vienna
14.10.2019  -  Meeting of the European Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG)
11.10.2019  -  Digital Society for All
3.10.2019  -  Workshop "CEF2 - Financial Instrument for Investing in the EU 2021-2027 Infrastructure Priorities"
30.9.2019  -  HAKOM: Remarkable Parcel Growth in the Postal Services Market
27.9.2019  -  HAKOM: The Rail Service Market Recorded Fall in Passenger Kilometres and Freight Transport recorded a Growth
26.9.2019  -  OIV’s request to shorten the Deadline to switch to new DVB-T2 System
26.9.2019  -  The 61st International Symposium ELMAR-2019 held in Zadar
11.9.2019  -  The European Commission is launching the third Call of WiFi4EU Voucher Initiative
9.9.2019  -  HAKOM: Significant Investing in Broadband Infrastructure still necessary
6.9.2019  -  HAKOM invites all Stakeholders willing to participate in Public Discussion on the 3rd set of joint European proposals for the ITU World Radio communication Conference, open until September, 20
28.8.2019  -  Invitation to participate in the Work of the 2nd Expert Forum of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services
1.8.2019  -  New Consumer Rights in Force as of August 1
26.7.2019  -  Hakom opens Public Hearing
25.7.2019  -  2020 Annual Work Programme and Financial Plan as well as the proposed Amendments to the 2019 Financial Plan at the Public Discussion
18.7.2019  -  The Representatives of the European Commission, the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport payed a Visit to HAKOM, for the first time
15.7.2019  -  Last day for Cities and Counties to show their interest for participating in the pre-selection procedure based on the approved Broadband Infrastructure Development Plans
5.7.2019  -  CEF 2 Digital opened by the European Comission
3.7.2019  -  ERGP Opinion on the future regulation of postal services
2.7.2019  -  Deadline extended for submitting applications for nominations "European Broadband Awards 2019"
18.6.2019  -  Public Tender Opening held for DVB-T2 Multiplex M1, M2 and L1
17.6.2019  -  HAKOM: A Significant Growth of Railway Transport Market in the first Quarter of 2019
14.6.2019  -  HAKOM: A Continued Revenue Growth on the Postal Services Market
12.6.2019  -  Central Administrative Base of Ported Numbers (CADB) available to the end-users
11.6.2019  -  Temporarily unavailable Central Administrative Base of Ported Numbers (CADB)
7.6.2019  -  HAKOM’s Strategy for the period from 2019 to 2021
6.6.2019  -  HAKOM: Significantly higher Investments in the Mobile Networks
5.6.2019  -  Open Public Hearing on common European Proposals for the World Radiocommunication Conference ITU
29.5.2019  -  A Plenary Meeting of the IRG Rail Independent Regulator Group
28.5.2019  -  Report on Consumer Disputes in the Electronic Communications before HAKOM
24.5.2019  -  The Sixth HAKOM’s "Market Day"
22.5.2019  -  Meetings of the European Network of Railway Regulatory Authorities) ENRRB and PRIME
22.5.2019  -  Roundtable „Benefits of introducing 5G networks in Croatia"
16.5.2019  -  The Results of Awarding the Grants from WiFi4EU Programme
14.5.2019  -  BEREC Workshop on the update of its Net Neutrality Guidelines
13.5.2019  -  The Euro-Mediterranean group of the EMERG regulators has published a comparative analysis report for 2018.
13.5.2019  -  Two Activities last Weekend: Following the new Call of HGSS, HAKOM located the SOS false Sources signals that alerted all Emergency Services
7.5.2019  -  Volunteering Charter signed
7.5.2019  -  The Report of the European Commission on the Implementation of Internet Access Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 referring the Market Development
6.5.2019  -  The HAKOM's 6th Market Day
30.4.2019  -  Launching the Portal "All for our Consumers"
30.4.2019  -  Applications open for "European Broadband Awards 2019"
26.4.2019  -  BEREC and IIC Conference on "Competing Continents: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Electronic Communications"
19.4.2019  -  Split hosted the Meeting of Roaming Expert Working Group (REWG)
18.4.2019  -  Public Tender on RF Spectrum for Digital Terrestrial Television
16.4.2019  -  HAKOM hosted the Representatives of Regulatory Authority of Montenegro
2.4.2019  -  Applications for Wi-Fi4EU Grant Allocation
21.3.2019  -  Public Call for local and regional Self-government Units for Resource Allocation for Development for Broadband Infrastructure
12.3.2019  -  Worldwide Consumers Rights Day 2019
7.3.2019  -  HAKOM: More Investments in the Mobile Networks
27.2.2019  -  The second Conference was held on the Topic of the "Human Rights Dialogue aimed to improve Consumer Protection Policy in the Republic of Croatia"
26.2.2019  -  Requests received in the Public Call procedure for 2600 MHz
14.2.2019  -  Public Call for Expression of Interest in performing the Universal Postal Services in the Republic of Croatia
13.2.2019  -  The Workshop on “Broadband Internet Projects”
13.2.2019  -  Meeting on Tender Preparation Process and Issuance of RF Spectrum Licence for Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting with the DVB-T2 Standard
8.2.2019  -  Public Call for the Quality Assessment of Universal Services in the Electronic Communications
5.2.2019  -  Safer Internet Day
31.1.2019  -  Allocation of Funds from the “Connecting Europe Broadband Fund“ (CEBF)
29.1.2019  -  Workshop on the International Calls within the EU
25.1.2019  -  The Announcement of Public Call for RF Spectrum Allocation in the 2500-2690 MHz Frequency Band
21.1.2019  -  The Tenders received in the RFS Public Auction Procedure