5G Network in Croatia

Mobile communications network operators implemented 5G technology in Croatia by using DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing). DSS enables the operators to use the same radio spectrum that is the same frequency carrier for the provision of 5G and 4G (LTE) services. Sharing of the resources between 4G and 5G technology depends on the traffic needs of the users for each technology at a given area, where the resources themselves are dynamically distributed over the time.

DSS enables 5G signal coverage by using the existing „4G“ spectrum and existing radio equipment and locations, without investment in new 5G infrastructure. In this way 5G service can be provided quickly and efficiently, without need for new spectrum assignment. Provision of 5G services can be achieved with just software upgrade of the existing base stations, which enables more efficient use of spectrum assigned to the operators.
Since, radio spectrum primarily allocated for 5G in Croatia is planned to be assigned in the first half of 2021, the use of DSS makes 5G technology available for the end users even before this assignment. The use of DSS in classic 4G bands shall contribute to quicker implementation of 5G technology. Information on base stations that are in commercial operation are publicly available within HAKOM's GIS portal, within the themed viewer "Radio Stations".
By modification of radio frequency assignment plans for 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz i 2600 MHz bands (OG 110/20), it is allowed to use even 5G technology in these bands, and consequently the use of DSS as well. Implementation of DSS technology, as well as the selection of the bands where it shall be implemented, depends on business plans of each operator.