Child safety online

The Internet can provide an incredible learning and communication experience for children, so long as you follow simple precautions. Talk together about the Internet and agree ground rules for its use. Always keep Internet-connected computers in a visible or communal area and help your children learn to be vigilant themselves. Parental interest and involvement is one of the most effective means of protection.
How children use the Internet
Children access the Internet through PCs, mobile phones and games consoles - at home, at school, in libraries, in Internet cafes. They us it for homework, online games, blogs, instant messaging and e-mail. It is fun, social, educational and creative but it's important that our children use the Internet wisely. That means being empowered to make the right decisions and avoid dangerous situations. Engage with your children and their technology. Learn with them, know what they are doing where they are going online.
Empower your children to protect themselves
There are various Internet filtering tools to help protect children. While their use is recommended, it is important to point out that there is no substitute for parental involvement. The following pointers will help you support your children's safe Internet use.
  • Discover the Internet together
  • Agree rules for Internet access and usage
  • Encourage your child to guard personal information
Being aware of when and where it is alright to reveal personal information is vital. Discuss the risks of meeting online friends and make sure they know not to meet strangers they have encountered on Internet without being accompanied by someone you trust.

Don't be too critical of your child's Internet use

Being to judgemental may alienate them and encourage them to access the Internet covertly. It is also important that they know not to believe everything they read online.
The positives of Internet outweigh the negatives
Internet is an excellent educational and recreational resource for adults and children. But if are all to enjoy it to its full potential, we must teach our children how to use it responsibly.

If you encounter any content that you believe to be illegal, report it to