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Electronic communications

Contract Formation

All rights and obligations between the user and the operator are regulated by the conclusion of the contract.
Before entering into the contract, the operator is obliged to provide you with a summary of the contract containing key information about the contracted service. This allows you to compare offers from multiple operators.
Along with the contract summary, the integral parts of the contract include general terms and conditions, specific conditions for service provision, and the service price list applicable to the contract. The operator must provide these components at the time of contract conclusion.
If during the contract formation you did not receive the integral parts of the contract but agreed to obtain them from the operator's website, you have the right to terminate the contract without any fees within three (3) working days from the date of contract formation, but with the return of the device*, if you purchased it or received it when contracting the service.
* The device must be returned in working condition (reset to factory settings and without damage affecting warranty conditions), along with the original packaging and all components of the sales package.
The contract is established for an indefinite period but can be agreed upon with a mandatory duration of 12 or a maximum of 24 months. After the mandatory duration expires, the operator will continue to provide services under the agreed conditions without a mandatory duration until either you or the operator terminates it. Note that the service price without an agreed mandatory duration may be higher.
You can enter into the contract:
  • At the operator's branch
The contract is considered concluded upon signing the contractual documentation.
  • Outside the operator's premises
The contract is considered concluded upon signing the contractual documentation at the sales stand or in your home.
  • Remotely via phone or internet
The contract is considered concluded when, upon receiving the contractual documentation, you provide the operator with confirmation of your agreement to enter into the contract. You can submit your consent in writing, via email, or by paying the first bill.
Confirmation of consent through the payment of the first bill is not possible in cases where a new contract with a mandatory duration is concluded after the expiration of the mandatory duration of the previous contract, and the type and price of the service remain unchanged.
* You have the right to terminate the contract without paying an early termination fee within 14 days from the contract's conclusion, of which you must be duly informed. If you are not informed, the right to terminate ceases 12 months after the expiration of the aforementioned 14-day period.