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Pursuant to Article 25 Item 4 of the Railways Act (OG 32/19, hereinafter: RA) the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (hereinafter: HAKOM) keeps the registry of the railway services of service facilities operators referred to in Appendix 2, Item 2. of RA regularly  published on its website.
Consequently, service facilities have been defined in Appendix 2 of RA and the facilities are as follows:
a) passenger stations, their buildings and other facilities including a travel information display and suitable location for ticketing services;
b) freight terminals
c) marshalling yards and train formation facilities, including shunting facilities;
d) storage sidings
e) facilities in seaports and inland waterway ports connected with the provision of railtransport services
f) fuel supply facilities and refuelling facilities , the charges shown separately on the invoices
g) vehicle maintenance facilities, except for facilities specially designed for high-speed rolling stock or other types of rolling stock requiring special facilities,
 used for maintenance of vehicles not routinely carried out as part of day-to-day maintenance operations requiring the rolling stock to be withdrawn from traffic
h) other technical facilities, including cleaning and washing facilities
i) auxiliary facilities

Furthermore, pursuant to Article 5, Paragraph1, Item 45 those referred to in Annex 2. of RA namely: (1) minimum access package, (2) access to service facilities and services provided in those facilities, (3) additional services, (4) accompanying services.

The information available in the rail services registry of service facilities operators is provided by operators of service facilities who are responsible for their accuracy.

The railway services  registry of service facilities operators is accessible on the following link.