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Electronic communications

Protection of Persons with Disabilities

HAKOM pays special attention to addressing the needs of persons with disabilities when using electronic communication services. In order to remove barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from fully and effectively participating in society, HAKOM's key activities are focused on ensuring access to and use of services for all users on an equal basis, as well as raising awareness in society about the need for continuous collaborative action to identify and eliminate existing barriers.

Given that operators have certain obligations towards persons with disabilities under current regulations, part of HAKOM's activities are directed towards monitoring the implementation of these regulations. Operator’s obligations include providing adapted equipment and services, accurate and understandable descriptions of services, specifying a contact person for assistance, access to emergency services for deaf persons, priority repair of faults, and contracts and bills printed in a manner that allows reading by persons with visual impairments.

Pursuant to the decision of HAKOM, the price of telephony service has been adjusted to the needs of socially disadvantaged groups of end users and special categories of users (war and military invalids, civil war invalids, immediate family members of deceased and missing war veterans, associations, persons with disabilities - association members).
HAKOM carries out a series of activities in collaboration with the academic community, associations for the protection of persons with disabilities, civil society, and other public bodies. In addition to annual meetings where representatives of different social groups come together to jointly identify issues and ways to alleviate and eliminate them, continuous efforts are made in the development of new application solutions. The result of these collaborations is the development of applications: Every year, HAKOM organizes the international conference "Accessible Future" addressing topics related to solving issues faced by people with disabilities in modern society. HAKOM actively participates in the work of the Competence Network ICT-AAC, whose members collaborate on education, research, development, and innovation programs. They are involved in the preparation and implementation of projects and establish and maintain a direct dialogue with European and national government bodies and agencies responsible for the development of an inclusive society.

With the aim of continuously promoting the interests of people with disabilities, HAKOM invites all interested individuals and legal entities to submit their proposals and/or comments via email to