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The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) regularly collects and publishes data and indicators on the markets of postal and railway services as well as the electronic communications market. In order to track market development trends, data is collected on a quarterly and annual basis from market stakeholders digitally through the HAKOM SAT (Market Analysis System used for data collection and analysis).
The data collected from the electronic communications market via this process referg to the following markets:
  • Broadband Internet access,
  • Telephone services in the public mobile communications network,
  • Telephone services in the public fixed communications network, and
  • Rental of ducts and networks.
After verification and analysis of the provided data, they are publicly disclosed exclusively in aggregate form through data and indicators of individual markets and can be found on the e-Market page. Previous annual and quarterly comparative data for the electronic communications market in the Republic of Croatia can be found here.
Instructions for operators as well as access to the HAKOM SAT system are also available on the e-Market page.