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Electronic communications

Services with Special Tariffs

Services with special tariffs provide access to various types of content (quizzes, sweepstakes, voting, chat services, various information, etc.) through special numbers and short codes (06x or 1xxx, or 6xxxxx, 7xxxxx, or 8xxxxx numbering).
Calls and SMS/MMS messages to special tariff services have higher prices compared to the prices for calls and SMS/MMS messages to fixed and mobile networks in Croatia. Using these services may result in significantly higher monthly costs. 

Voice services with special tariffs

  • Charged per call or per minute of conversation 
  • At the beginning of each call, before the service is provided, you must receive an announcement of the call price and the start of charging* 
  • Before the call is charged, you have at least two seconds to cancel the call, and the expiration of this period must be indicated by a tone signal*
*You do not need to receive an announcement of the call price and the start of charging when the calls relate to telephone voting and humanitarian actions, and only during the broadcasting of television and/or radio shows that serve their purpose.
  • The call is terminated when the spent amount reaches 20 euros or when its duration reaches 30 minutes, depending on which circumstance occurs earlier 
  • In the case of services intended for children, the call is terminated when the spent amount exceeds 6 euros  

SMS/MMS services with special tariffs

  • Procedure for activating services with special tariffs  
1. By sending an SMS message (usually with a keyword) to a short code, you initiate the activation of the service.
2. You should receive information about the service price, the frequency of receiving SMS/MMS messages, the cost of data transfer, and the method of terminating the service through an SMS message (which is not charged).
3. By sending an SMS message containing "Yes," you confirm the intention to use the subscription service, providing confirmation for the one-time service charge*
*For one-time services with a value equal to or less than 1euro, or if it concerns payment transaction services and payment processing, the operator is not required to request confirmation for payment execution.
  • For chatting services, after activating the service, the operator can send only one reply for each message you send, which will be charged as a special tariff service, while all other messages must be free 
  • For every spent 20 euros or for every charged 30 SMS/MMS messages, depending on which condition occurs earlier, you should receive a free consumption notification for each individual service with a special tariff (one-time or subscription)* 

*For subscription-based services, after fulfilling the previous conditions, the operator is obliged to request an SMS/MMS confirmation for further use of the service.

  • If you haven't used a particular service that involves sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages for more than 6 months, cost tracking starts anew 
  • Sending an SMS with the content "STOP + service name" or just "STOP" to a specific short code must stop all services you use via that code, and you must receive a confirmation that the service has been stopped
The operator is obliged, at your request and without charge, to activate a prohibition on using services with a special tariff. Additionally, the operator does not have the right to charge for a service if you did not achieve the purpose for which it was advertised or if you did not receive it. 

If you believe that the operator providing services with a special tariff has not fulfilled one of the prescribed obligations when providing these services, submit a written complaint to your operator.