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Digital future

Over the last few years, the use of digital services and “remote” services has significantly increased. Initially driven by extraordinary needs at the beginning, these services have become part of everyday life and users’ habit, which encourages their further development. E-commerce, e-public services, online teaching and online meetings are just some of the services and applications that have become common and have an impact on changes in both business and private environments.

Digital technology and digital skills open up new opportunities for business, learning, entertainment, public services and industrial production. In order to make these opportunities accessible to all, it is essential to build infrastructure that can support new digital services, applications and products. Therefore, very high capacity networks (VHCNs) are the basis for the further development and widespread use of digital technology and advanced digital services.

In addition to connection, digitalization also includes other digital objectives – digital skills, digital businesses, and digital public services. Successful digitalization requires action at all levels to seize the opportunities offered by the development of technology.

Accessibility of VHCN networks and use of state-of-the-art technologies in Croatia are in constant increase and some of examples of good practises in line with EU vision of technologically advanced, connected, sustainable and green EU are: