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Communications Network

Communications Network

The electronic communications are a complex regulatory area under the authority of HAKOM. Most tasks are have been carried out as public authorities in accordance with the laws and under the competence of HAKOM. These are primarily the Electronic Communications Act (ZEK) and the Act on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks, while HAKOM also adopts many regulations based on the aforementioned laws and participates in the implementation of other laws and subordinate legislation.

The areas of activity are divided into:

• Market Regulation;
• Radio Spectrum Management;
• Dispute Settlement between operators;
• Development and construction of electronic communication infrastructure;
• Services in the electronic communications;
• Roaming and network neutrality,
• Quality and safety of communication networks or services;
• Protection of the end users and vulnerable consumer groups;
• Market inspection; and
• Cooperation (cooperation includes participation of HAKOM in the work of international electronic communications bodies).

Regulatory principles and objectives of HAKOM

• Protection of competition and the service users interests through predictable regulatory activities;
• Efficient management of limited goods such as radio spectrum and numbering and address space;
• Promoting effective investment and innovation and contributing to the development of the internal market of the European Union.
All activities are defined on the basis of HAKOM’s Strategy 2019-2021. The main strategic objectives have been identified as promoting consumer (users’) interests, promoting effective competition, innovation and investment, developing the EU internal market and creating business and operational excellence.
Inspection powers shall ensure market surveillance and control and prompt response to observed market irregularities. HAKOM is also responsible for resolving individual disputes between the end users and service providers.