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Broadband access

What is Broadband?  

Broadband  is a term that refers to high-speed internet access with the exchange of big data between users and networks.
Internet access is provided through fixed connections in households and business premises (fixed network) or by wireless connection to the mobile network.
In terms of download speed, four categories of broadband are distinguished:
  • Basic broadband: less than 30 Mbit/s
  • High-speed broadband: 30 to 100 Mbit/s
  • Ultrafast broadband: 100+ Mbit/s
  • Gigabit connectivity: symmetrical speeds 1+ Gbit/s
In the case of gigabit connectivity, the same speeds are expected for both download and upload, i.e. both to the user and the user (symmetrically). 
Connectivity is a broader concept than broadband, which describes the inclusion and ability to access and use the content and services of the digital society through broadband access.
The availability of broadband access in the Republic of Croatia (RH) is shown within HAKOM’s, interactive GIS portal, and you can check it through the link.