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Electronic communications

Child Protection on the Internet

HAKOM consistently undertakes activities related to promoting the protection of children when using the internet and electronic communication services. Special attention is directed towards promoting parental responsibility and prescribing obligations for electronic communication network operators. This includes allowing parents to request their operator to block access to content inappropriate for children, limit the use of services with special tariffs, and monitor consumption. Operators, especially concerning children, are expected to exhibit socially responsible behaviour that goes beyond legal requirements.

Numerous collaborations and concrete joint activities have been established to raise awareness about responsible and safe internet usage with public bodies, operators, and civil society organizations. The goal is to raise public and parental awareness about this important issue while simultaneously ensuring market conditions for electronic communications create a better and safer environment for children.

Every year in February, HAKOM, in collaboration with operators and other stakeholders, marks Safer Internet Day. Additionally, updated brochures with key tips on safe internet usage are sent to all fifth-grade students in Croatian primary schools, targeting both children and parents. As part of the child protection on the internet project, HAKOM's experts conduct educational programs for parents and students, providing them with necessary information on responsible behaviour on social media, especially as children begin to independently use the internet.

A free application, the "Privacy Calculator," is available to children, youth, and schools, enabling them to assess potential risks to their privacy when using the internet and sharing personal data.

As video content consumption becomes an important way to seek information, HAKOM has produced a video on the protection of children and youth on the internet, available on our YouTube channel. The most important message of the video is to encourage a trusting relationship between children and adults, with a particular emphasis on the support children should always receive from their parents.

In the intention to continuously monitor and promote children's interests, HAKOM invites all interested parties to submit their proposals and/or comments via email at