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Electronic communications

Service Quality in Mobile Networks

By entering into a contract for services in a mobile network, you accept that the operator provides services within the technical and operational capabilities of its mobile network. Therefore, there is a possibility that services may not be available to you at all times and in all locations.
Due to the technical characteristics of the mobile network, services can be used anywhere, but operators cannot guarantee the same quality of service at all locations and at all times (physical obstacles, terrain configuration, a higher number of users connected in a specific area - tourists, sports events, concerts, etc.).
In case of reduced quality or unavailability of service due to the lack of coverage in a specific area by the operator's signal, you do not have the right to a reduction in the monthly fee, nor the right to contract termination without paying an early termination fee.

Good to Know! 

  • Before entering into a contract, you can check the coverage map of the mobile network with the operator 
  • If you are subscribing to internet access and/or voice services and are unsure about the quality of service at your address, you have the right to a trial period of at least five (5) days when entering into the contract 
  • You can check the quality and speed of the internet service using the HAKOMetar Plus application