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By using the application, you can check the portability status of your phone number, as well as the network in which a number is currently located.

Users can choose the optimal operator for according to their needs and habits. If the user uses the services of one operator and decides to switch to the network of another, he can do so in a simple way while keeping the existing number.

Operators and service providers must enable users to keep the same number and area code, regardless of the network they switch to.
Operators of publicly available telephone services must provide their users, upon their request, to keep the assigned number when changing the operators. The instructions on how to change the operator and keep the current number can be found here.

The procedure of number portability is defined in the Ordinance on Number Portability. Via our website you can check the status of porting your phone number, as well as the network where a number is currently located.

In such a way, users do not have to inspect the bases of each individual operator, but have the possibility to inform about the number in one place, i.e. in which network it is currently located.