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Electronic communications

Malicious and Unwanted Electronic Communications (EC)

Malicious or nuisance calls, SMS, and MMS messages 

If you receive malicious or nuisance calls, SMS, or MMS messages, you can submit a written complaint to your operator. The complaint must include details about the calling number, the date, and the time of receiving the calls, SMS, or MMS messages. Once the operator determines the necessary information about the sender, they will provide it to the competent police department for further action, and you will be notified in writing.

Wangiri calls (scam) 

If you receive calls from unknown numbers from abroad, it may be "Wangiri" calls that "ring only once" and remain recorded as missed calls, intending to make you return the calls, resulting in significantly higher costs. It could also be calls through which a third party seeks to obtain your personal data for fraudulent purposes or unlawful gains.
What can you do?
  • If possible, block the caller's number on your device
  • Report the calling number to your operator (date and time of calling).
  • Report to HAKOM at the email address:  
If it is determined to be a "Wangiri" attack, the reported number is blocked for all users on the network.
Note that in the Republic of Croatia, incoming calls are not charged, regardless of the origin of the call. 

Unwanted Electronic Communications

Every direct marketing and sales through phones, email, SMS, or MMS messages is allowed only with your prior consent.
Every sending of promotional and sales content must be done exclusively from registered numbers/email addresses that do not conceal the sender's identity. In messages/email, it must be clearly stated how to stop further receiving such content without charge.
You can block unwanted email by using SPAM filters in your email client. The operator must enable you to filter incoming email and provide a simple way to create, enable, and disable such filters.
To report unwanted calls, SMS, or MMS messages, you can contact HAKOM at the email address:
In your report, you need to provide the number from which you were called/received the message, the date and time of receipt, your name and surname, phone number, the name of the operator with whom you have a contracted service, and a description of the call or message content that shows it is promotional. If possible, send this information as a screenshot of your phone displaying the received message and attach it to your report. After verifying your report, the number will be blocked as soon as possible.

“Do Not Call” Registry

The "DO NOT CALL" Registry is a free public register of telephone numbers whose users do not wish to be contacted by traders via phone calls, SMS, or MMS messages for promotional or sales purposes, as prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act.
You can submit a request for registration in the "DO NOT CALL" Registry to your operator, who will, within 7 days from the date of receiving the request, register your number free of charge.
HAKOM does not register numbers in the "DO NOT CALL" Registry, but you can find all the documentation and instructions on, as well as check if your telephone number has been registered.
If after registering your number in the "DO NOT CALL" Registry you continue to receive promotional/sales calls and/or messages, you can file a complaint with the State Inspectorate.