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Since entry into force of the Electronic Communications Act, all tasks of postal services market regulation have been performed by HAKOM. All regulatory tasks related to postal services by 1 July 2007 were performed by the Postal Services Council, which ceased to exist with the entry into force of the Act.
The tasks of HAKOM in the field of postal services:
  • Regulating the market of postal and courier services for the purpose of gradual market liberalization and equal and effective market competition for all service providers;
  • Ensuring the provision of high-quality universal postal services in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia under equal and affordable conditions;
  • Protecting the interests of users of postal and courier services, particularly universal postal services users.

HAKOM tasks and documents

The tasks of HAKOM in the field of postal services are the following:
  • Public authority conferred by law to the Agency by the Republic of Croatia
  • Publication of legal service providers and
  • Other tasks related to guidelines for efficient work of the Agency.
With prior consent from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Council of HAKOM adopts public acts and decisions related to the provision of postal services, which may not be appealed, but administrative proceedings may be initiated, which does not postpone the implementation of the acts. HAKOM adopts the annual work programme, financial plan and annual financial statement and submits annual activity report to the Croatian Parliament and to the Government of the Republic of Croatia.