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Communications Network

Networks and Services

HAKOM promotes market competition in the provision of electronic communications networks and services, as well as in shared access to electronic communications infrastructure and associated facilities, in order to ensure conditions for better quality of services at affordable prices for the benefit of end users, especially for the users with disabilities.

The main focus is on the development of fixed network, mobile network and Internet.

HAKOM stimulates effective investment in infrastructure and promotes innovations and new types of services to ensure better quality of life and enable further development of economy. We are focused on making available electronic communications services to all end users in Croatia under the same conditions throught the obligation of universal service.

Universal service enables access to public telephone network and publicly available telephone services at a fixed location allowing end users to make and receive local, national and international telephone calls, facsimile communications and data communication at data rates that are sufficient to allow functional Internet access, taking into account prevailing technologies used by the majority of subscribers, as well as their technological feasibility.

In addition to above mentioned, universal services provides special measures for disabled users and access to emergency services, directory enquiry services and special pricing systems adjusted to the group of end users with special social needs.