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e-Registry “DO NOT CALL”

Free public register of telephone numbers of consumers who do not want merchants to contact them by phone or SMS and MMS messages for the purpose of promotion and sale.

If you don't want merchants to contact you in order to sell you a service or product by phone, think about registering your phone number in the “DON'T CALL” Registry. The registered numbers may not be called by merchants.

The Registry “DO NOT CALL” is a free public registry of phone numbers of consumers who do not wish to be contacted by merchants via telephone or SMS and MMS messages for the purpose of promotion and sale, and it has been  prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act.
The numbers shall be registered (signed out) by the individual operator upon the request of the consumer (contractor with the operator) within 7 days of receipt of the request. HAKOM does not register /signs out our numbers, but it is responsible for the operator's actions in cases of disputed requests for registration/signing out.

The Registry “DO NOT CALL” is public and shows only three information: whether a particular number is registered in the register, whether all previously granted consent and the time stamp when the number is entered in the register have been withdrawn for that number. Other information about the number registered in the “DO NOT CALL” Registry is not available!

The form can be found on the website OG 117/22 as part of the Ordinance on “Do not call” Registry or from your service provider, or you can download it from the following link.

The State Inspectorate is responsible for violating the Consumer Protection Act, i.e. contacting the numbers registered in the Registry for the purpose of promotion and sales by merchants.

For more information on the “DON'T CALL” Registry contact the following links: