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e-Registry “DO NOT CALL” - consumers

If you don't want traders to contact you in order to sell you a service or product by phone, think about registering your phone number into the “Do Not Call” Registry. The registered number should not be called by traders and advertising messages should not be sent to this number.

The registry “DO NOT CALL” is a free public registry of telephone numbers of consumers who do not wish to be contacted by traders via telephone or SMS and MMS messages for the purpose of promotion and sale as it has been prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act.
The numbers shall be registered (or signed out) by the individual operator upon the request of the consumer (signatory of the contract with the operator) within 7 days of receipt of the request. HAKOM does not register or withdraw numbers, and it is responsible for the operator's actions in cases of disputed requests for registration/signing out.

The State Inspectorate is responsible for violating the Consumer Protection Act, i.e. contacting the numbers registered in the Registry for the purpose of promotion and sales by traders.
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