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Electronic comunications



By providing information, advice and mediation, we try to help users of electronic communications services to understand the conditions and manners of service provision and to protect them against any possible abuse. We provide help in disputes resolutions between users and services providers on charged amount of the bill and/or the quality of services.


HAKOM has competences in resolution of disputes between subscribers and service providers if the subscriber's complaint refers to:
  • the charged amount for the provided service (bill) or
  • the quality of the provided service.
HAKOM can resolve disputes on the basis of the opinion of the Consumer Protection Commission, but after the subscriber complained to the service provider at first instance and was not satisfied with the operator's written answer to the complaint. Consumer Protection Commission is an advisory body acting within HAKOM, whose members are appointed representatives of the Union of Consumer Protection Associations.
In the procedure of dispute resolution, HAKOM may adopt an appropriate decision, an opinion or a proposal. It is important to emphasise that while the decisions are binding for operators, opinions and proposals represent only a general viewpoint on possible resolution of the dispute, and are not binding for the operator. In that case, the user may request the dispute to be resolved at court.