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As of 2024, systematic impact assessment becomes a standard part of the decision-making process

The successful completion of the Regulatory Impact Assessment project will allow HAKOM to have a systematic approach when assessing the potential impacts of the proposed regulation or policy prior to its implementation. HAKOM thus becomes one of the few EU regulators that systematically carry out the assessment.

ZAGREB 10 November 2023 - The completed project included the deployment of an impact assessment in HAKOM with the aim of creating a practical methodology and a set of tools for the systematic assessment of regulatory actions in the markets for electronic communications, postal services and rail transport . The goal was to ensure a systematic approach to assessing the potential impacts of the proposed regulation or policy before its implementation. With the implementation of this project HAKOM joins the currently rare regulators in the European Union that systematically use the Regulatory Impact Assesment (RIA) in the process of making important decisions, as confirmed in project presentation by Charalampos Koutalakis from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ): “In GIZ, we are proud to provide technical assistance to the partner organisation HAKOM to become the first Croatian regulator and one of the few regulators in Europe that systematically uses regulatory impact assessment for all its decisions affecting the telecommunications, postal and railway markets.” In the part of the project of the Office for Legislation of the Government of the Republic the aim was to develop legislation and methodology for the implementation of ex-post evaluation of the effects of regulations and to strengthen the capacity of state administration bodies for its practical application.

HAKOM will implement RIA in practice as of next year
On this occasion, Assistant Director of HAKOM Ana Katalinić Mucalo confirmed her commitment to learning and growing HAKOM as an organisation: For us, the Regulatory Impact Assessment is a key tool for achieving greater predictability, transparency and accountability in decision-making - the basis for balanced and responsible regulation. Therefore, we are proud to announce that HAKOM will implement this practice as of 2024.”

The opening speeches were given by high-level representatives of the organisations involved: Mario Nava, Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM), Zvonimir Savić, Special Advisor on Economic Affairs at the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Heinz Hetmeier, Deputy Director General for European Policy at the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, Tilman Nagel, Head of Department for Germany, Europe and South Caucasus in GIZ and Deputy President of the Council Mislav Hebel, who pointed out: “The key role that Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) plays in policy making in HAKOM is fully recognised and therefore we have openly accepted this transformative approach. This will ensure that our implementation of the regulatory framework is not only consistent, but also aligned with national ambitions and international best practice standards. The transformation also requires a change from within, so we have already initiated key structural and role-based adjustments, but also formed a special task force that ensures a multidisciplinary approach to the implementation of RIA in all of our processes. At the end of his address, Mr. Hebel, on behalf of HAKOM, thanked DG REFORM and Zinovia Tsikalaka for constant support during the project and support from the Technical Assistance Instrument of the European Commission, the German Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection for the support and co-financing of the project, Boris Zelenika and the team from the Croatian Government Legislation Office for excellent cooperation and exchange of experience throughout the project, and special gratitude was addressed to Charalampos Koutalakis and GIZ, who successfully managed this project.

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