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Temporary licence

By way of derogation from the allocated radio communications service or technology, or conditions for assignment and use specified in the Radio Frequency Allocation Table and the Ordinance on assignment and use of radio frequency spectrum (OG 45/1250/1297/14 and 116/17 HAKOM may, on the basis of a submitted application, grant a temporary license for use of the radio frequency spectrum.

The temporary license may be issued for a radio station or a radio system used for the purpose of market or technical inspection, research or design or for the purposes of sports, cultural, entertainment and other events of temporary character.

In application for temporary license it is necessary to specify the purpose, technical specifications of a radio station or a radio system, geographical area and time period of use. In temporary license HAKOM shall specify the appropriate validity thereof as well as the corresponding conditions for the assignment and use of the associated radio frequencies, in particular, for the purpose of protection against interference.
For events of temporary character, radio equipment that uses radiofrequency spectrum on the basis of general license (, no individual license is necessary. For all other equipment (radio microphones and wireless cameras  included), temporary licence is mandatory.

Application for temporary license should be submitted to HAKOM at least 30 days in advance, using the official application form „Temporary license form for event of temporary characters“

HAKOM recommends to deliver the information from the form which concerns „Tuning range of equipment“. It may be neccesarry to assign different frequencies than those primarily requested for and prior delivery of this information may shorten the period of issuing a temporary license.

For SNG stations a general license is granted. However, it is neccessary to notify HAKOM on the operational start of SNGs using given application form „Notification form for a station operating in satellite service (according to general licence)“

The approval will be sent back to the applicant as soon as possible. HAKOM may require an equipment check before putting it into operation. For any additional questions please contact HAKOM.

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