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Third HAKOM’s 5G Day: 5G Technology will open the door to better technological solutions

A conference presenting technical possibilities and implementation of 5G technology was held in Zagreb within the scope of HAKOM’s organization

ZAGREB, April 13, 2022 – As a regulator of the electronic communications market, the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) organised the  third “5G Day” Conference in Zagreb with the aim of presenting technical possibilities and implementing 5G technology, which should create opportunities for faster economic and social development of the Republic of Croatia. Aside from the operators which are active on the Croatian Electronic Communications Market, the conference brought together stakeholders whose activities focus on the development and technology application. The equipment manufacturers, industry representatives and operators presented their 5G products and services within the scope of the conference.

The conference was opened by Tonko Obuljen, President of the Council at HAKOM, and interesting and useful presentations were held by the representatives of Algebra University College, Sinteza Polyclinic, Rimac Technology, EOLO S.p.A. and University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER). The opening presentation on the topic “ 5G catalyst ecnoogie for the new generation of advanced electricity networks – Neural Grid " was held by dr. sc. Srđan Skok, Associate Professor at Algebra  University College. In his presentation he spoke about the situation in electricity and the possibility of applying 5G technology in the sector. As a key problem he pointed out the lack of investments so far in the infrastructure and the overload of applications with a large amount of information, and as the most important possibilities of 5G technology he pointed out the two-way communications between sensors in the power grid and the superior centre in real-time and new control and control possibilities, which will include consumers who have so far been passive observers.

Ognjen Bagatin, co-owner and director of Poliklinika Sinteza, held a presentation on “Digital Potential Healthcare”. In his presentation, he spoke about trends in healthcare, advancement of telemedicine, nanotechnology, but also about the use of chips that would improve various functions such as vision, hearing and memory. 5G in healthcare will enable significantly faster data transfer, major innovations, connecting different medical devices, remote surgery, progress in gene testing and pharmacogenomics, diagnostics and better outcomes of treatment. New 3D printers that will be used for transplants and the production of new blood vessels are being developed. According to Mr. Bagatin healthcare will be much more precise and accessible.

Luka Špoljarić from Rimac Technology held a presentation on “M2M Connectivity Platform”. In his presentation he showed all activities carried out by this Croatian technology company, whose most famous product is a car, but the company also produces battery systems, electronic modules and software.

Miran Gosta, the executive director at HAKOM spoke about the role and plans of HAKOM in the deployment of 5G technology in the Republic of Croatia. – The aim at the conference is to inform stakeholders about possibilities and the community about the needs of the economy. Our role is to create a healthy social environment, to enable market growth and competitiveness of the economy in order to be a part of the modern world, a world of the future that relies on digital technologies. Europe lays down rules relating to artificial intelligence, data management and data protection, the system of limitations and protection, all based on technology. When we get technological solutions everywhere, as well as the 5G coverage, we will have the opportunity to realise the vision of the future that we have in HAKOM for Croatia-said Gosta.

Professor dr. sc. Davor Bonefačić from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) held a professional lecture on 5G technology and exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields, i.e. the impact on health, and gave answers to a number of questions, asked in the public regarding possible unwanted effects, ways and need to set the base stations and conduct measurements.

Alessandra Diana from EOLO Company presented this Italian mobile operator, a company that competed in the public auction procedure for 5G frequencies at the national and regional level, and having been operating since 1998 it will be a mobile operator for most of our coastal counties.

A panel discussion on “5G and the Future Society” was held within the scope of the conference. Tonko Obuljen from HAKOM, doc. Mislav Balković from Algebra University College, Ivan Maglić from HUP-ICT and Tonči Žilić from Rimac Technology gave their aspect regarding technology development, the need for experts and other resources.

- It is absolutely necessary to deploy 5G technology as soon as possible, although 5G will not magically solve all our problems, but it will bring improvements. The current problems regarding coverage are very obvious, especially referring to the fast cars. We find 5G as opening the door to better solutions. – Žilić said.

Mislav Balković stressed that advanced technologies were opening new professions and new brands in industry, and that 5G will probably do the same, but nothing revolutionary should be expected. In some industries 5G will find its own place, but in some others, not as fast as we would like to. Regarding the education, 5G puts new additional demands on us to design a part of our programs in a different way. Croatia will have serious personnel issues; in eight years, we lost 5.5% of primary school students, 19.5% of high school students and in six years as much as 20.5 potential student populations. – said Balković.

-For several years, the HUP-ICT has been trying to make the Croatian economy understand what is happening through digital transformation. There's something going on that's not complicated, and we've given ourselves an assignment to demystify all of it. The application of technologies that are being developed and entered into business is taking place at the moment. They have been changing the world around us and many companies unfortunately are lagging behind. 5G shouldn’t be seen as something independent or additional, but as one toolbox providing a complete change of the industry in which you work by combining all these tools, your company and society – said Ivan Maglić.

Tonko Obuljen, president of the Council at HAKOM, expressed his satisfaction regarding the conducted auction, during which almost everything that was at auction, was sold. -This time the amount was not in the foreground, it was more important to create conditions and to go into the development and construction of the network. We can see today that in other EU countries, where huge amounts have been achieved in the auctions, the development is growing slower. Operators have exhausted their resources and slowly capturing investment momentum at the moment. In this regard, I think we have properly dimensioned last auction and there have been many talks with the market and in the same way we are planning to do the next auction – said Obuljen.

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