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Number of postal services grows

The intensified activity in the postal services market in Q4 2013 resulted in an increase in the number of services. 
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PUBLIC CONSULTATION on the preliminary opinion on Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)

The European Commission and the Scientific Committee on Emerging Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) have launched a public consultation on the preliminary opinion on 'Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)'.
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Public consultation on amendments to the Electronic Communications Act

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure has launched a public consultation on the draft amendments to the Electronic Communications Act. The consultation is open until 20 February.

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European Commission’s regular visit to HAKOM

Following the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, HAKOM has joined other European national regulators which the European Commission visits on a regular basis for the purpose of preparing the report on the electronic communications sector. 
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HAKOM takes part in “It’s worth knowing” project

HAKOM gives a presentation at the seminar on its role in electronic communications services consumer protection
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HAKOM gets Vice-Chair at WGSE

At the WGSE working group meeting, a HAKOM’s expert was selected as Vice Chairman of this working group for a term of three years.
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HAKOM presents its experience in switch-over to DTV and digital dividend allocation

At the invitation by the ITU, HAKOM’s experts presented the experiences of the Republic of Croatia in the switch-over to digital broadcasting of the TV signal and the allocation of the digital dividend at a regional seminar in Budapest, Hungary.

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HAKOM’s “Market Day” gathers electronic communications and postal services stakeholders

The electronic communications and postal services regulator, the Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency (HAKOM), has gathered the representatives of operators, postal services providers, public authorities, industry and the academic community at a conference dedicated to the situation and development of the market it regulates.
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HAKOM announces latest round of public tender to grant aid

Following a successful completion of the three rounds where over HRK 33 million have been granted, the latest round of public tenders is announced for the granting of aid under the HAKOM’s Programme for the development of the Internet and broadband in the areas under special state concern, hilly and mountainous areas and islands.

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HAKOM opens offers for “e-Police” application

12 offers for the development of “e-Police” application were received at public opening. The application is designed for police officers to provide them with access to the IT system of the Ministry of the Interior at all times.
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HAKOM selects new ideas for application development

The public and companies responded to the public tender for the submission of conceptual designs for software applications and services by providing a total of 54 ideas, 19 of which will be implemented through public tenders, following the development of the technical documentation.
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HAKOM plans to reduce fees for operators

HAKOM has presented a new ordinance on the payment of fees for the performance of its activities in 2014 for public consultation. The plan is to additionally unburden the economy in the electronic communications and postal services market next year. 
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HAKOM grants aid – 13 target users more to go

HAKOM has selected VIPnet’s offers for the granting of aid to connect target users – schools, health centres and others to broadband in four counties. After the first round of the competition, it only remains to connect the target users in Brodsko-posavska County.

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HAKOM announces penultimate tender for development of applications in 2013

HAKOM has announced the fifth public tender for the development of socially beneficial applications in the current year. The implementation of the remaining tenders will continue until the end of this year and in 2014.
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HAKOM in “Telekomunikacije”

A paper entitled “Experiences of HAKOM in the implementation of the Electronic Communications Act, based on the regulatory framework of the European Union from 2009”, was published in the leading expert-scientific magazine in the area of telecommunications in Serbia.
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HAKOM gets Vice-Chairmanship at BEREC

Deputy President of the Council of HAKOM, Domagoj Jurjević, has been elected as Vice-Chair of BEREC, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications. 
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