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Published: New Brochure on Child Protection in the World of the Internet

The redesigned brochure contains practical and useful tips on the dangers and safety on the internet.

ZAGREB, January 24, 2024 - The new redesigned brochure HAKOM’s brochure titled "Guide to Safe Internet and Thoughtless Surfers - How to Protect Yourself in the World of the Internet and Mobile Devices" will be present in school classrooms this year and will be distributed to children, youth, and their parents throughout Croatia. The brochure provides practical and useful tips on internet safety, privacy protection, and the responsible use of social media. It is part of HAKOM's program for informing children and parents, which has been carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Education since 2016.
HAKOM will publicly present the brochure, as in previous years, during the celebration of Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, February 6th, as part of the conference organized by HAKOM in collaboration with CARNET and the association "Partners in Learning."

As part of the project for the protection of children on the Internet, HAKOM experts continuously conduct an education program for elementary level students and their parents. The goal is to provide necessary information about responsible behaviour when using social media, especially at the moment when children begin to use them independently without constant adult supervision.

HAKOM's brochure is already available in electronic form at the following link.

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