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Roaming in EU/EEA Countries

Roaming is a service that allows you to use your mobile phone while staying abroad.
The EU Roaming Regulation from 2017 regulates prices for roaming between the member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes the 27 EU member states, along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. Although the United Kingdom is no longer an EU member, regulated prices still apply.
The new EU Roaming Regulation from 2022 extends the price regulation for roaming for another 10 years.
Roaming prices in EEA countries are determined and charged based on national prices in relation to other mobile networks. When in EEA countries, you pay for calls, SMS/MMS messages, and data usage at the same rates as if you were using services within Croatia (RLAH - Roam Like At Home).

Rules and limitations for the use of roaming services in EEA countries 

The amount of calls, SMS/MMS messages, and data usage you can use in EEA roaming at regulated prices depends on the tariff and options you have with your operator.
While in roaming, whether you're sending messages or calling users from EEA countries, users from Croatia located in an EEA country, or users in Croatia, minutes/messages will be deducted from the tariff you agreed upon with your operator for domestic traffic to other mobile networks. After you exhaust the included minutes/messages from your tariff, calls will be charged according to the price list for your tariff for calls to other mobile networks.*
* The same rule applies if your tariff includes free calls/messages within your operator's network.

Incoming calls are not charged, regardless of where the calls come from.
For some tariffs and options, you can use the total contracted data traffic at domestic rates even while roaming. If you exhaust all the data traffic from your tariff, the operator must inform you about it.*
However, for certain tariffs and options (e.g., unlimited data traffic), there is a limit on the amount of data traffic you can use at domestic rates. After reaching this limit, you can still use data traffic for which the operator may charge an additional roaming fee. In this case, the operator must inform you in advance about the limit, warn you when you reach it, and notify you about the start of charging additional roaming fees.*
* We advise you to check with your operator before traveling how much data traffic you can use while roaming.

Fair Use Policy (FUP) 

If you spend more time and use services more in Croatia than in EEA countries, your use of roaming services is considered fair. In that case, calls, SMS/MMS messages, and data traffic from your tariff can be used in roaming at domestic rates, without additional costs.
However, if, over the last four (4) consecutive months, you spend more time and use services more in EEA countries than in Croatia, the operator will inform you via SMS for each specific service. If you do not change your usage pattern within the next 15 days, the operator has the right to charge an additional roaming fee for each specific service, and you must be notified of the start of charging.

What else is important to know?

  • At the moment of logging into a guest network in roaming, the operator is obliged to inform you via SMS about call prices, SMS/MMS messages, and data traffic; free call for emergency services 112; other available means of communication in emergencies (link); free phone number for information; fair use policy (limitation of data traffic in roaming and fees if that limit is reached) with a link to information; specific services that are not free (emergency phone lines or customer support). If the operator has not warned you in a timely manner or has not warned you at all about service prices, you are not obliged to pay the consumption until the moment of receiving the notice.
  • Data traffic will be automatically suspended when the amount reaches 62.50 euros, unless you request a different limit. The operator is obliged to notify you when 80 percent of the limit is reached, as well as at the moment the service is suspended, with instructions on what you need to do if you want to continue using the service.
  • Calling numbers for services with special tariffs (e.g., customer support services, airlines, insurance companies, sending SMS messages for games and entertainment, participating in games, etc.) in Croatia may be free or involve a small fee, while in roaming, it includes additional costs that you may not expect.
  • If you are in the vicinity of border areas with countries that are not members of the EEA, we recommend that you enable "Manual network selection" in your device settings and choose your operator's network to avoid automatic switching to a network outside the EEA area, which can result in significant roaming costs.
  • When traveling by boat or airplane, your device may automatically connect to a non-terrestrial, satellite network where roaming service prices are significantly higher than regulated roaming prices. We recommend that you disable roaming on your device or activate the airplane mode option in settings.