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TAIEX Project – Expert mission on implementation of CEN standard 13850

6-19 September 2010 - A TAIEX expert mission on the implementation of CEN standard 13850 took place in HAKOM as a result of a project launched by the Postal Services Department. The aim was to familiarize the employees with the implementation of the CEN 13850 standard in measuring the quality of universal postal services performance. Mr. Igor Hacin of the Post and Electronic Communications Agency (APEK) of the Republic of Slovenia held a number of presentations for the representatives of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, who attended the event together with the Postal Services Department employees.
According to participants’ evaluations, the project is considered to have been very successful because it has provided an opportunity to broaden the knowledge of HAKOM employees concerning the implementation of CEN standard 13850, and the level of competence of Postal Services Department employees in carrying out the tasks related to the quality of performance of postal services.