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The second Plenary Meeting of the European Postal Services Regulatory Group

The work programme for the upcoming year focuses on environmental sustainability, digitalisation, the competitiveness of the postal market and the universal postal service.

Zagreb, 30 November 2023 The European Regulators Group for Postal Services held its second plenary meeting in Bucharest. The activities planned for 2024 encompass the design of the regulatory framework, support for vulnerable users, price regulation, access to parcel delivery infrastructure, and backing for environmental sustainability. Documents related to regulatory powers, the modernization of the universal postal service, and quality of service and consumer protection were also adopted during the meeting. For detailed information, you can find all plenary reports at the provided link.

A notable moment during the meeting was a video message from Liliie Malon, the representative of NCEC, the Ukrainian postal regulator. Ms. Malon addressed the assembly, conveying a message of solidarity with Ukraine. The meeting expressed deep concern about the loss of human lives and the destruction of postal infrastructure in Ukraine. A renewed call was made for European postal operators to support their Ukrainian counterparts in facilitating parcel delivery and postal communications.


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