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Electronic communications

Universal Service

Universal services in electronic communications encompass a set of services of specified quality that are available at an affordable price to all users throughout the territory of the Republic of Croatia. These services include:
  • Access to the public telephone network and services at a fixed location, enabling communication via telephone and fax
  • Data transmission at a minimum speed of 7 Mbit/s in the downstream direction and 1 Mbit/s in the upstream direction 
  • Access to public telephone booths
  • Special measures and services tailored to individuals with disabilities 
  • Service prices adapted to the needs of socially vulnerable groups 
In cases where the universal service operator is unable to provide the service via a fixed network, it may offer it through alternative technologies (e.g., substitute service via a mobile network, Wi-Fi).
In the Republic of Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom d.d. has been designated as the operator of universal service.
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