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e-Registry “DO NOT CALL” - traders and operators

Traders may not contact consumers on phone numbers registered in the “DO NOT CALL” Registry therefore  before inviting a number it is necessary to be certain that some consumers did not register their number and thereby protected themselves from promotion and sales.
Access to the “DO NOT CALL” Registry is available for EC operators and third parties:

EC operators: All EC operators are obliged to register/sign out the number from “DO NOT CALL” registry upon their users’ request.

Third party: refers to all traders who advertise and/or sell their services, goods by telephone.
For the purpose of checking the registered numbers, “DO NOT CALL” traders can access the Registry in three ways: via a publicly available service for consumers, as well as through a web application and web service provided for traders.

In order to use the web application and web service the registration is required.
More information on access to the “DO NOT CALL” registry can be found here:
• User documentation - third party (traders) (pdf)
• User documentation - operators (pdf)
• User documentation - Web services (pdf)
• Common questions (pdf)