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How to terminate the service?

Termination of service

You have the right to terminate the contract at any time. Before terminating the contract, make sure that you have concluded a contract with a still-running contractual obligation. If you terminate the contract before the end of the contractual obligation, you are required to pay the early termination fee (the remaining contractual monthly fees or the amount of discounts made on the goods or services, the one most favourable for you). In order to avoid complications, we advise you to request information from the operator before terminating such a contract about the amount of the early termination fee that the operator is obliged to submit to you in the requested form within 2 working days. Operators are obliged to enable the termination of the end-user’s contract by providing the conclusion of the contract (by telephone, in writing or electronic means), in accordance with their general conditions (as a rule, by submitting a clear written request to terminate the contract with the identification document).

Upon receipt of the request for termination of the contract, the operator shall realise it independently of the user's debts, in the immobile network within 5 working days and in the mobile network within one working day from the date when the termination was requested.

If the operator does not deliver you a service in accordance with the terms and conditions, you have the right to terminate the contract without paying an early termination fee.

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