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Number of providers in postal services market increases

In the second half of this year, the liberalised postal services market has attracted new postal service providers, one of which is international.
ZAGREB, 15 November 2013 – A full liberalisation of the postal services market, which took place in the beginning of the year, attracted new companies to the market. Several new postal service providers appeared in the course of Q3 of the current year, among which a large international provider, which operates across Europe. Thus a total number of companies operating in postal services in the Croatian market increased to twenty-three (23).
The appearance of new providers has enriched the supply in the market with new and innovative services, providing users with a wider range of choice, while increased competition and fostering of competition will enhance the market. Further adjustment by providers to users’ needs is expected in the forthcoming period. This will include the introduction of new services, which will either replace the existing ones, or create new demand, which is expected to give boost to the development not only of the postal sector but of the sectors related to the postal traffic as well. It is, in part, actually implemented, as the market still records a mild growth of the number of packages, with an increase in the share of such services in the overall market.
A total of HRK 80.8 million in services was generated in Q3, of which the largest share was generated by HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d., which continues to be the leading provider in the postal services market in the Republic of Croatia with a market share of approximately 72 percent.
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