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Professional Service (organisation and schematic representation)

Expert, technical and administrative tasks of the national regulatory authority are performed by an expert service. HAKOM’s expert service is managed by the Executive Director appointed by the Council, to whom the Director is responsible for his/her work.




Railway Services Sector Kristijan Solina
Postal Services Sector Iva Dvornik
Electronic Communications Sector Josip Šajnović
- Market Economy Department
Mladen Sikirica
- Consumer Protection Department
Andro Marčev
- Infrastructure Department
Stjepan Vodolšak
- Communications Services Department
Velimir Švedek
Spectrum Management and Monitoring Sector Ana Katalinić Mucalo
- Spectrum Management Department
Danijel Vidaković
- Spectrum Monitoring Department
Danijel Vlahović
            - RF Spectrum Management Department Split Luka Vujević
            - RF Spectrum Management Department Rijeka Dalibor Živković
            - RF Spectrum Management Department Odsjek Anđelko Kopecki
Development Programmes Department Ivana Madžar
Legal Affairs Department Domagoj Maričić
Communication, Coordination and Strategic Planning Department Ivana Madžar
Business Support Department
- Finance, Accounting and Procurement
Tihana Cerovac
- Human Resources and Administrative Affairs
Martina Skorin
IS/IT Department Krešimir Šakić
Access to Information
Ethics Commissioner
Personal Data Protection

Schematic overview of HAKOM’s internal organization (pdf)

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