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About us

Mission, values, goals

About us:

The Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries  (HAKOM) is a national regulatory body for performing regulatory and other activities in the field of electronic communications, postal and railway services. HAKOM is an independent and non-profit legal entity with public authority, and as such, it is responsible to the Croatian Parliament and submitting its annual work report to the the Croatian Parliament and Government of the Republic of Croatia. HAKOM is governed by the Collegiate Body - the Council, headed by its expert team. In accordance with the law the funds for the performance of business activities  HAKOM  provides income collected from the address and number allocation management, radio frequency (RF) spectrum management and revenues collected by electronic communications operators, postal service providers and railway infrastructure managers in accordance with publicly available annual financial plan. The legality of HAKOM's decisions is subject to judicial control.

HAKOM performs regulatory and other tasks as a public authority in accordance with the laws it is responsible for. The Act on Electronic Communications (ZEK), the Law on Measures to Reduce the Cost of Deploying  High Speed ​​Electronic Communications Networks, the Postal Services Act (ZPU), the Law on the Regulation of the Railway Services Market and the Protection of the Rights of Passengers in Rail Traffic, and the Law on railways, and HAKOM also participates in the implementation of other laws and subordinate regulations. HAKOM has the inspection authority and is competent to resolve individual disputes between the end-users and service providers in all three regulated network activities. Particular attention is paid to providing universal services that should be available to all end users at affordable prices throughout the Republic of Croatia.

Mission, values, goals

Our mission:

regulation of the electronic communications market as wel las postal and rail services in the interests of consumers / service users. This can be achieved by promoting regulatory predictability, preventing discrimination, ensuring efficient management of limited assets, promoting effective investment, protecting market competition and contributing to the development of the EU market. 

Our core values​​:


We achieve this by means of:

-a fair, independent, neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory approach;
-Professionalism, organization, modern aids, proactivity, enthusiasm, teamwork and efficiency;
-Accumulated knowledge, lifelong learning, multidisciplinary approach, open communication and collaboration.

Our vision:

a professional and independent regulatory body devoted to the needs of a modern society through the sustainable regulation of the electronic communications market, postal and rail services and active protection of users' rights.

Our strategic goals:

• Promoting consumer interests (end users, service users) through:
- Ensureing high level of protection of end-user services with the emphasis on the needs of special social groups
- Enabling access tothe universal services
- Ensuring the integrity and safety of network maintenance as well as high levels of protection of personal data and privacy
• Encouraging effective competition, innovation and investment, including:
- Evaluating the potential of the EU regulatory framework and its application
- Ensuring efficient usage  and effective RF spectrum management as well as address and number space
- Preventing or restricting competition
• Development of the EU's internal market, including;
- Removal of barriers to networking at the EU level
- Timely harmonization of  the EU legislation
- Co-operation with national bodies, Commission bodies, BEREC, ERGP, IRG-Rail, ENRRB and other relevant international bodies. 
• Creating business and operational excellence, which implies:
- Improving organizational and economic (financial) efficiency
- Human Resources Development
- Cooperation with user associations, operators and other stakeholders and further strengthening of international relations.
HAKOM's Strategy for the period from 2022 to 2025.