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Electronic communications market revenues amounting to HRK 5.6 billion in the midyear

The Internet access services mostly contributed to the revenue growth of 2.3 %t and one of the three users of fixed internet now has agreed to speeds of 100Mbit/s or more. In the second quarter, the total data traffic increased by 19%, as did the usage of fixed phones in a year. The number of roaming minutes made by foreign citizens during April, May and June recorded a 60% increase.

ZAGREB, September 14, 2022 - In the first six months of 2022, the trend of investing in fixed and mobile networks continued to grow in the electronic communications market. In relation to the first half of last year, investing in very high capacity networks (VHCN), primarily in fiber networks, recorded n 45 % increase and amounted to HRK 312 million, while investments in base stations (BTS) in mobile networks amounted to HRK 313 million, which is 56 % more.

The total half-yearly revenues in the electronic communications market amounted to HRK 5.6 billion, which was an increase of 2.3 %, while the revenues from broadband internet access services grew by 6.5 %, network and water rental by 3.1 %, and billing television by 3.8%. Revenues from broadband services account for 47% of all market revenues.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, in the second quarter of 2022, the migration of users to Fiber-Optic technology continued and the number of such connections increased by 32 % to 177 thousand connections. In the same period, the total data traffic through fixed and mobile networks increased by 19 %t on average, reaching 793 PB (petabajt) in the same period. The number of broadband users with a speed exceeding 100Mbit/s has risen by almost 56% to 351 thousand, and currently, one-third of all users have contracted such speeds.

The duration of calls by foreign citizens in roaming is one of the indicators of a good tourist season, which is still ongoing. In the second quarter of 2022, they spent more than 205 million “roaming minutes” of voice calls, which, compared to the same period in 2021, grew by over 60%. It is interesting that the number of SMS and MMS messages sent is still slightly lower compared to the last year (a decrease of 9.1 i.e. 5.8 %) indicating an ongoing trend of replacing SMS and MMS services with various similar Internet services.

The total number of connections of billing TV has gone to almost 4000 new connections compared to the second quarter of last year and 878,381 are now. The growth trend is visible in total revenues as well as in the number of households watching TV via one form of billing television. In comparison to the second quarter of 2021, the total revenue from the services of television increased by 4.5 %, and almost 62.7% of households watch TV via one form of charging television. By comparison, in the second quarter of 2021, the households (59.1 % ) watched the billing TV.*  

The phone market in the fixed network has continuously recorded a decline, and the exception is not the second quarter either. Compared to the same period in 2021, total revenues from the usage of fixed telephones decreased by 5.7 %, the number of users decreased by 1.4 %, and the total outgoing traffic decreased by 19.3 %.

Data on the electronic communications market is available on the website of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) on the following link.

* due to the subsequent submission of corrected statistical data by one of the operators, the number of new connections and the percentage of households was corrected on 15 September 2022.


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