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HAKOM at ELMAR: On opportunities and challenges that come along with the realization of innovative solutions through the 5G network in Croatia

In cooperation with the company Odašiljači i Veze and Elmar, HAKOM organized a panel discussion and a series of presentations with the aim of presenting possibilities for improving business through the usage of 5G technology.

ZADAR, September 13, 2022. The 64th ELMAR-2022 symposium the oldest conference in Europe, was opened in the town of Zadar on Monday (September 13), bringing together prominent international experts. HAKOM joined the conference through the organization of a special session “5G in Maritime Affairs, Tourism and Harbours,” which was held on the first day of the conference in cooperation with the company Odašiljači I Veze d.o.o. (OIV) and ELMAR, whose aim was to present some of many possibilities for business improvement through the use of 5G technology, applicable and easily achievable in Croatia. Practical solutions based on 5G technology were presented by representatives of the Maritime Centre of Excellence, Marco d.o.o. and FER, OiV, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia. The participants of the meeting were welcomed by Miran Gosta, the executive director at HAKOM, who announced the presentations and expressed his belief that this meeting, apart from presenting some new solutions, will help in making contacts that will contribute to future business solutions.

Communication standards that meet port needs in the long run

 “5G Solutions for Smart Ports” was the subject of a presentation held by Miroslav Hipš from Huawei, and Hrvoje Hadžić from Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. presented the challenges and the future of advanced communications in the  maritime sector. Damir Opsenica of the Maritime Center of Excellence presented the solutions in smart marinas. Gordan Šišul (FER) spoke about the implementation of 5G networks in the concept of smart ports. “The implementation of ITS solutions and 5G Technology in seaports - Pilot Project Luka Preko” was the presentation topic held by Zrinka Čule from Odašiljači i Veze d.o.o. and a presentation on “Latest and emerging technological trends that have already defined the technological and digital ecosystem and will transform it in the future” was held by Leslie Shannon from Nokia.

As pointed out in the presentations, 5G Technology is the only communication standard that meets all the port needs in the long run and replaces other communication technologies. However, remote control and management, and improvement of port infrastructure were presented as an example of usage but also its functionality, because the managing of freight and consumption is enabled and safety is increased.

How to achieve innovative solutions through the 5G network in Croatia?

After the presentation, there was a panel discussion entitled “How to achieve innovative solutions through the 5G network in Croatia?” which included Luka Aralica (Markoja), Miroslav Kantolić (Ericsson/HUP-ICT), Tigran Vržina (Odašiljači i Veze), Damir Opsenica (Maritime Centre of Excellence) and Ana Katalinić Mucalo (HAKOM).

One of HAKOM’s main activities is certainly managing the RF Spectrum and the first frequency licenses for 5G were granted a year and a half ago. This network is in the process of allocation and another auction will take place next year. The Information Memorandum has been the subject of public discussion for a month now and will be held this week. Every entrepreneur can either search for a spectrum or use it by an operator – said Ana Katalinić Mucalo, who introduced the role of HAKOM to those who were present, as a national regulator and in charge of assigning and controlling radio spectrum, seeking to establish and maintain a partnership relationship throughout the process.
Luka Aralica had a lecture on the experience of the company Markoja specialized in the design and development of telecommunications networks, pointing out that 5G technology is definitely promising, but also business models cannot be developed in a short time because technology is still under development. However, he stressed that they can already notice many functionalities that could have not been achieved so far through the nets.

Company Odašiljači i Veze in 5G technology sees an opportunity for new business models and is primarily focused on private 5G networks and several projects have already been launched, said Tigran Vržina.

Damir Opsenica spoke about the necessity for education of experts and cooperation with universities, as well as about the state of development of Croatian ports. Comparing the Croatian and world ports, he pointed out, as an example, the port of Koper, after which, as far as technology is concerned, we have been lagging a year back, not because of the technology itself, but because of the organization. Port organizations in the world are a little more agile, but they also have stronger budgets. In recent times, some modernization projects can still be observed in our ports. The port of Rijeka, for example, has increased its capacities abruptly in recent years, new terminals have been opened and thus an opportunity for new investments.

Miroslav Kantolić spoke about the need for automation and digitalization in ports. Croatian ports are not among the largest ports in the world, but they will have to follow examples of larger ports that are already used by technology in their operations and adapt to modern processes. In Croatia, engineers of 5G technology have been developing for more than five years before the official spectrum assignment. HAKOM has done a very good job, but in order to succeed in the future, it is necessary to ensure the preconditions for the functioning of the market, primarily the labour market. Without experts, all of this will be much more difficult, if not unattainable, and this country can make some progress. Government measures to reduce electricity prices adopted last week were therefore welcomed, because the price of electricity is a significant obstacle to entrepreneurs in technological development.

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