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ISO 9001:2008 - Upravljanje kvalitetom

What are the services with 060 dialling code? How to use value added services?

The services with 060 dialling codes represent value added services that are usually charged at higher rates.
To find out more on numbering ranges and related tariffs please check the table below:
Before dialling specific numbers, please read carefully all the information on the service you would like to use especially taking into an account the price and the manner of payment:
  • Per call – each call shall be charged, irrelevant of the fact who answers your call
  • Per minute  – each minute of conversation shall be charged
Value added service operators are obligated, for your protection, to inform you about the price and give you at least two seconds pause to terminate the call before being charged.
In case there is no such announcement, please file a complaint to your operator who charged you for the service, and in case of the dispute initaite the procedure at HAKOM
Upon your request, the operator is obligated to prohibit access to these services to avoid possible abuse by persons who have access to your connection.
HAKOM protects you from possible abuse in using these types of services in the way that  it regulates detailed aspects of the provision of these services by the operator, but it is your responsibility to refrain from deceitful and tempting calls.
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