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R&TT equipment

R&TT equipment
What is Radio equipment?
Radio equipment includes:
Radio equipment: an electrical or electronic product, which intentionally emits and/or receives radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radiodetermination, or an electrical or electronic product which must be completed with an accessory, such as antenna, so as to intentionally emit and/or receive radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radiodetermination;
Radio communication:  communication by means of radio waves;
Radiodetermination: the determination of the position, velocity and/or other characteristics of an object, or the obtaining of information relating to those parameters, by means of the propagation properties of radio waves;
Radio waves: electromagnetic waves of frequencies lower than 3 000 GHz, propagated in space without artificial guide. 
Essential requirements
Radio equipment must meet the following essential requirements:
1. the protection of the health and the safety of persons and of domestic animals and the protection of property,
2. the protection requirements with respect to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
3. the requirements with respect to design and construction of the equipment so that it effectively uses and supports the efficient use of radio spectrum so as to avoid harmful interference.,
4. the requirements, for radio equipment within certain categories or classes specified by the European Commission, which refer to construction of radio equipment so that radio equipment interworks with accessories, in particular with common chargers, interworks via networks and other equipment and can be connected to interface of appropriate type, the protection of networks or network resources and thereby causing degradation of service, the protection of personal data and privacy of the user and of the subscriber, the protection from fraud, the access to emergency services and its use by users with disability, and to ensure that software can only be loaded into the radio equipment where compliance of the combination of the radio equipment and software has been demonstrated.
HAKOM’s responsibilities related to Radio equipment
HAKOM is responsible for: 
  • Issuing and publication of radio interface specification
  • Reporting to European Commission on regulated radio interfaces
  • Inspection and market surveillance
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