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ISO 9001:2008 - Upravljanje kvalitetom


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29.12.2014  -  New regulations in electronic communications in the New Year
19.12.2014  -  Presentation of “ECDL online courses”
18.12.2014  -  After New Year basic data transfer speed at least 1 Mbit/s
17.12.2014  -  HAKOM: New frequencies for Tele2 and HT
12.12.2014  -  HAKOM put into operation a new upgrade of the interactive portal with the broadband speed usage map
9.12.2014  -  ITU Telecom World – the last big event in the telecommunications world this year
8.12.2014  -  HAKOM at this year’s last BEREC plenary meeting
5.12.2014  -  Commission for Electronic Communications Services founded within the framework of the National Consumer Protection Council
4.12.2014  -  Another measuring station for control of the radiofrequency spectrum put into operation
3.12.2014  -  Target users in the flood affected area of Slavonia received high-speed Internet before deadline
1.12.2014  -  Continuous demand for Internet
28.11.2014  -  HAKOM receives Friends of the IEEE Croatia Section award for 2014
28.11.2014  -  International postal traffic increased and HŽ Cargo gets competition
27.11.2014  -  HAKOM chooses new ideas for development of applications
25.11.2014  -  HAKOM at KOM 2014 conference
24.11.2014  -  Annual Plenary Session of IRG RAIL
20.11.2014  -  Universal service as the central topic of the 7th ERGP’s Plenary Session
19.11.2014  -  Deputy President of Council of HAKOM, Domagoj Jurjević, representing BEREC at the REGULATEL summit in Puerto Rico
14.11.2014  -  Decision on the amount of net cost of unfair financial burden of the universal postal services provider
14.11.2014  -  HAKOM publishes eleventh public tender for the development of socially-useful applications
12.11.2014  -  HAKOM at the seventh plenary session of contracting parties of the HCM Agreement
11.11.2014  -  Lowering of fees for some users of the RF spectrum
11.11.2014  -  Second visit of the Korean Communications Agency to HAKOM
10.11.2014  -  HAKOM at the 6th meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies (ENRRB)
7.11.2014  -  HAKOM published the fourth public invitation for the submission of conceptual designs for software applications and services
5.11.2014  -  Public invitation for allocation of Radiofrequency spectrum for mobile communications networks
27.10.2014  -  Amendments of ordinances on inspection on the electronic communications and postal services markets
24.10.2014  -  HAKOM and Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning signed MoU
24.10.2014  -  Meeting with AKOS concerning the reduction of costs of building electronic communications networks
23.10.2014  -  HAKOM adopted the Ordinance on the manner and procedure for the allocation of funds from the Fund for the development of network Industries
23.10.2014  -  Representatives of the Albanian Regulatory Authority, AKEP, visit HAKOM
22.10.2014  -  HAKOM at 7th Days of Electronic Media
21.10.2014  -  Proposal for the Ordinance on the payment of fees for the carrying out of activities of the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries undergoes public consultation
20.10.2014  -  ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
17.10.2014  -  More than seventy end users will get high-speed internet connection
16.10.2014  -  HAKOM at “BEREC Stakeholder Forum” meeting
16.10.2014  -  HAKOM in round table discussion on “What do managers expect from HR”
13.10.2014  -  HAKOM at the ESRI User Conference
9.10.2014  -  Development of new socially-useful applications has started
6.10.2014  -  HAKOM at the 2014 International Regulators Forum
1.10.2014  -  HAKOM granted state aid for broadband infrastructure development in Eastern Slavonia
30.9.2014  -  Deputy-Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) visits HAKOM
29.9.2014  -  HAKOM at Infofest
29.9.2014  -  HAKOM at the Nordic Culture Festival in Istria
26.9.2014  -  HAKOM at third BEREC’s plenary meeting in 2014
24.9.2014  -  Croatian government granted preliminary approval of HAKOM’s 2015 annual work programme and financial plan
17.9.2014  -  HAKOM at the international conference Softcom 2014
16.9.2014  -  Visit of South Korean Central Radio Management Office
12.9.2014  -  HAKOM granted a digital TV licence in the wider area of Zaprešić
11.9.2014  -  Fewer transported passengers, more carried goods
10.9.2014  -  HAKOM at the International Symposium ELMAR-2014
9.9.2014  -  Continuation of previous trends on the electronic communications market
4.9.2014  -  HAKOM at the 24th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland
3.9.2014  -  HAKOM initiates a new stage in the Internet development programme
2.9.2014  -  HAKOM hosting CEPT's international meeting
1.9.2014  -  HAKOM at the Internet Governance Forum
4.8.2014  -  HAKOM publishes 10th Public Tender for the Development of Socially-Useful Applications
1.8.2014  -  HAKOM adopted new Statute
31.7.2014  -  HAKOM’s Activity Plan and Financial Plan for 2015 at public consultation
30.7.2014  -  HAKOM published an invitation to tender for granting state aid for the development of broadband in flood affected areas in South-eastern Slavonia
18.7.2014  -  Government of the Republic of Croatia accepted HAKOM's Annual Report
11.7.2014  -  HAKOM adopted amendments to Ordinance on the manner of provision of services and to Ordinance on universal services
7.7.2014  -  HAKOM publishes 9th Public Tender for the Development of Socially-Useful Applications
4.7.2014  -  HAKOM published “Fibre to the Building…” brochure
2.7.2014  -  5th Meeting of the European Network of Rail Regulatory Bodies
27.6.2014  -  HT Received a Final Ruling
26.6.2014  -  HAKOM at the ICANN 50 Conference
24.6.2014  -  HAKOM at the Sixth Session of ERGP
19.6.2014  -  HAKOM becomes the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries
13.6.2014  -  Continuation of a Positive Trend on the Postal Services Market
12.6.2014  -  HAKOM: Mobile Phones May Be Paid-Off in Instalments
11.6.2014  -  HAKOM Granted Aid for Broadband Network Development on Islands
5.6.2014  -  Agreements on Coordination of Broadband Systems signed (UMTS/LTE/WiMAX)
4.6.2014  -  HAKOM at the 14th Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR 14)
4.6.2014  -  HAKOM helps Georgia – expert consultations with TAIEX beneficiary countries
2.6.2014  -  HAKOM at the 9th International Electronic Communications Regulators Conference
30.5.2014  -  HAKOM is becoming the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries
30.5.2014  -  HAKOM: Broadband Internet Access – the prevailing manner for providing services in the mobile network
29.5.2014  -  HAKOM participates in the work of the 49th Plenary Session of the CERP
27.5.2014  -  HAKOM: Price increases – termination of subscription contract at no cost for subscribers!
22.5.2014  -  Announcement of a round table on “The Future of Internet Management” to be held at the International MIPRO Convention
20.5.2014  -  Open Mobile Summit London 2014 – 11th global summit of the mobile industry
19.5.2014  -  Audit of HP's regulatory statement completed
13.5.2014  -  HAKOM carried out the public opening of tenders for the “METAREGISTAR” application
12.5.2014  -  HAKOM at the International IWSSIP 2014 Conference
7.5.2014  -  HAKOM offers state aid for fast Internet on islands
6.5.2014  -  HAKOM holds forum on future of UHF band
30.4.2014  -  Public consultation on Amendments to Ordinance on Ordinance on Payment of Fees for Right to Use Addresses, Numbers and Radio Frequency Spectrum
28.4.2014  -  11th Telecom, Media & Technology Arena 2014 – South East Europe regional conference on electronic communications
25.4.2014  -  Ordinance on protection from electromagnetic field in public consultation
23.4.2014  -  ANNOUNCEMENT – "Forum on the future of the UHF band (second digital dividend and digital terrestrial television)"
17.4.2014  -  High Misdemeanour Court of the Republic of Croatia confirms first instance judgment in regulatory obligations infringement case
14.4.2014  -  HAKOM opens offers for “data.gov.hr” and “eRedomat” applications
14.4.2014  -  HAKOM at 1st IRG capacity building workshop on NGA/NGNs
11.4.2014  -  HAKOM participates in ROZP’s “Informed Consumer” workshop
9.4.2014  -  ANCOM regulators visit HAKOM
4.4.2014  -  European Parliament votes to end roaming charges
3.4.2014  -  Sixth World Telecommunication Development Conference
2.4.2014  -  HAKOM presents ECI benefits for local self-government units
1.4.2014  -  HAKOM launches 8th public tender for development of socially useful applications
31.3.2014  -  HAKOM at GDi Solutions Forum International Conference
25.3.2014  -  HAKOM announces Public Call for submission of software applications and services conceptual designs
21.3.2014  -  HAKOM introduces direct number for postal services users
19.3.2014  -  HAKOM at ELMAR 2014 International Symposium
17.3.2014  -  Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia confirms HAKOM’s Decision in user’s favour
14.3.2014  -  Internet and broadband development programme continues: HAKOM announces 7th public tender for applications
12.3.2014  -  Amendments to Ordinance on the Manner and Conditions for the Provision of Electronic Communications Networks and Services enter into force today
11.3.2014  -  Constitutional Court rules in favour of HAKOM
10.3.2014  -  Public consultation on future of the Internet
5.3.2014  -  HAKOM grants latest aid for broadband deployment to target users
28.2.2014  -  HAKOM at BEREC’s first meeting in 2014
28.2.2014  -  HAKOM: 130,000 new broadband subscriptions in one year
24.2.2014  -  HAKOM at 19th Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014
21.2.2014  -  HAKOM’s New Interactive Portal
17.2.2014  -  Four bids in latest public tender round for aid award
14.2.2014  -  Number of postal services grows
12.2.2014  -  PUBLIC CONSULTATION on the preliminary opinion on Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)
11.2.2014  -  HAKOM receives appreciation letter for development and upgrading of 112 system
6.2.2014  -  Public consultation on amendments to the Electronic Communications Act
4.2.2014  -  European Commission’s regular visit to HAKOM
31.1.2014  -  HAKOM takes part in “It’s worth knowing” project
30.1.2014  -  HAKOM gets Vice-Chair at WGSE
29.1.2014  -  HAKOM presents its experience in switch-over to DTV and digital dividend allocation
28.1.2014  -  HAKOM assists Turkish regulator
21.1.2014  -  HAKOM’s “Market Day” gathers electronic communications and postal services stakeholders
15.1.2014  -  HAKOM announces latest round of public tender to grant aid
14.1.2014  -  HAKOM opens offers for “e-Police” application