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23.12.2020  -  The European Commission proposes new Rules for Digital Services
21.12.2020  -  New Brochure on Child Online Protection published
16.12.2020  -  Roaming recorded a fall, operators face revenue loss
16.12.2020  -  Published "Susretnica"
14.12.2020  -  Grant Contract for Implementation of NP-BBI Programme signed
11.12.2020  -  Recovery of the postal services market
10.12.2020  -  Growth of rail freight transport and fewer passengers transported
30.11.2020  -  Report on Users Disputes in the Electronic Communications before HAKOM for the first six months of 2020
25.11.2020  -  This year again, HAKOM conducted the measuring activities, 715 new reports has been sent to Italy due to the interference problem
20.11.2020  -  In 2022, HAKOM will chair an independent group of railway regulators
10.11.2020  -  The joint Project of FER and HAKOM gained the PMI’s professional recognition “Project of the Year”
4.11.2020  -  HAKOM warns the End Users: Be careful when sending your Personal Data
23.10.2020  -  Switching off DVB-T Signals as of next Tuesday, only DVB-T2 remains in operation
21.10.2020  -  Due to Growing Fake News about 5G Technology, a Group of 15 EU Member States comes up with a common Strategy
16.10.2020  -  ERGP Opinion on the New Legislative Package in the Field of Digital Services
8.10.2020  -  BEREC adopted the Guidelines on Very High Capacity Networks and launched a Public Consultation on the 2021 Work Programme.
7.10.2020  -  HURiN Days opened
2.10.2020  -  Grants allocated for other 13 applied Projects for Network Deployment
1.10.2020  -  The seventh HAKOM’s Market Day was held within the framework of MIPRO 2020 Conference
30.9.2020  -  HAKOM’s Market Day held within MIPRO 2020 in the afternoon in Opatija
25.9.2020  -  The BEREC Stakeholder Forum will take place on 19 October 2020
24.9.2020  -  MIPRO 2020 starting soon and this Year's Guest Event will be HAKOM's Market Day again
21.9.2020  -  European Commission called the Member States to improve High-speed Network connectivity and develop common Approach to the 5G Deployment
18.9.2020  -  Lockdown Brings Increase in Rail Freight Transport, Drop in Passenger Transport
17.9.2020  -  Public Consultations on the Allocation Plans for the 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz frequency bands have been published
11.9.2020  -  Strong growth in internet traffic in the second quarter
1.9.2020  -  The Redesigned logo of HAKOM
14.7.2020  -  HAKOM’s Amendments to the two general Licenses OD-85 and OD-86
10.7.2020  -  The Transition to DVB-T2/HEVC System starts at the End of October 2020
3.7.2020  -  Annual Report on the Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 for the period from 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2020
2.7.2020  -  European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) 18th Plenary meeting
25.6.2020  -  Public Discussion on 5G Spectrum
24.6.2020  -  The Deadline for 5G Spectrum Allocation postponed
10.6.2020  -  HAKOM: Domestic Postal Traffic in Decline
9.6.2020  -  Rail Freight Transport recorded a Growth and Rail Passenger Transport recorded a Decrease
2.6.2020  -  Croatian Scientists respond to a Number of Questions about new Technologies and the Impact of electromagnetic Fields
22.5.2020  -  European Commission announces fourth and final Call of the WiFi4EU Initiative
19.5.2020  -  Plenary Meeting of the Independent Regulator’s Group-Rail
14.5.2020  -  Special Section on 5G technology published on the HAKOM Website
13.5.2020  -  Notice on the Possibility for Payment of Fees by Installments for performing HAKOM Activities
11.5.2020  -  Extension of the installation time to WIFi4EU Beneficiaries in order to allow every concerned Municipality to complete their Projects
8.5.2020  -  The Government of the Republic of Croatia brought the Decision on the adoption of the National Action Plan on the use in the 470-790 MHz frequency band
28.4.2020  -  Report on User Disputes in the Electronic Communications before HAKOM for 2019
23.4.2020  -  ERGP publishes Group Report on Measures and Activities carried out on the Postal Services Markets within the EU
17.4.2020  -  HAKOM: Do not believe fake news because scientifically justified Connection between the 5G Technology and CIVIL-19 does not exist!
31.3.2020  -  The Applying of part of the Margin Squeeze Test delayed due to Coronavirus Pandemics and Earthquake
26.3.2020  -  Switching to the new dual-T2/HEVC System has been postponed for at least 6 Months
20.3.2020  -  Coping with the increased demand for network connectivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic
20.3.2020  -  BEREC Strategy and Work Programme is going virtual as of April 1
18.3.2020  -  Application of protective Measures at the Postal Services Market during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)
17.3.2020  -  Call for Public Discussion by EC, ERGP and HAKOM
16.3.2020  -  The European Commission postpones Publication of the 4th WiFi4EU Grant Award
13.3.2020  -  HAKOM informs the End-Users: As of March 16, 2020. Submission of Documentation and Complaints only in Writing and through HAKOM's Web Site
5.3.2020  -  The European Commission launches the 4th Round of Grants from WiFi4EU Initiative
4.3.2020  -  HAKOM and ERGP Call for Public Discussion
26.2.2020  -  Published “Development Methodology for an Accessible Website”
19.2.2020  -  The 3rd Workshop within the Scope of the “Competition Law for Practitioners” entitled “Introduction to Cartels”
11.2.2020  -  Safer Internet Day: “Together for a better Internet”
10.2.2020  -  Invitation to BEREC Stakeholder Forum 2020
5.2.2020  -  Safer Internet Day
4.2.2020  -  Open Public Discussion on the Proposal of two Acts of HAKOM in the Field of Postal Services
3.2.2020  -  Cybersecurity 5G networks: the EU Member States present comprehensive 5G Security Measures
31.1.2020  -   Roaming Charges in the UK and International Calls currently remain at the same Price
29.1.2020  -  WGSE Workgroup Meeting in Split
24.1.2020  -  Osijek, the Croatian 5G City
16.1.2020  -  Meeting of the Network of European Railway Regulatory Authorities (ENRRB) and workshops on anti-competitive and discriminatory practices in the rail sector