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ISO 9001:2008 - Upravljanje kvalitetom

Number Portability


Users have a choice to select the best service provider in accordance with their needs and habits. Now, the user can simply change the service provider while keeping the current number.

Operators and service providers must enable users to keep their current number regardless of the network they are using.

After porting the number to a different network, the user cannot request another number portability in the period shorter than three months unless specified differently within the subscriber’s contract.
The subscriber shall submit the application for number portability to the recipient operator of the number (operator to whose network the subscriber is porting the number) by completing the form.
The number recipient must inform in detail the user requesting number porting on the procedure especially on:
  • time period in which the user will not be able to use the service (time frame for number porting),
  • loss of services used in the network of the number provider after porting the number to the recipient network,
  • scope of use and service activation with number recipient,
  • manner of payment for current charges for provided telecommunications services in the network of the service provider,
  • reasons in case the number porting is not possible,
  • reasons for the delay in number porting,
  • time period after which the user can request number porting again,
  • conditions for number porting.
The number recipient, immediately upon receiving the request for number porting, shall forward the request to the number provider, which will represent the final request of the subscriber for termination of subscriber’s relationship with the number provider

The number portability is prescribed by the Ordinance on number portability.

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